A Deep, Sweet Hip Opening Posture

Figure four stretch is a lovely way to release long-held tensions in your hips. With slight adjustments in the angles of your knee you can reach and stretch all 6 deep hip rotators, your glutes and the lowest of your low back muscles. Check out this video for a sweet way to let it all go using the wall for support....more

10 Reasons Why Running a Marathon Is Like Having a Baby

I feel like I should add a disclaimer right up front: No, I have not yet had the opportunity to push a child out through my lady parts. ...more
LOL! omg I've never thought of it this way!more

Running Advice for Non Runners

@Stacy Morrison Yes! You ARE a runner. I admire your perseverance. Keep going! And thanks for ...more

Monday Move: Ab Twist

 Crunches get all the attention but we all know that you can't ignore your obliques. Ab twist are one of my favorite ways to work my waist. You can do this move with or without a medicine ball or dumbbell....more

Roc House: The Fitness Spa Designed with ‘Her’ in Mind

 A posh spa that offers nail and hair services. Fitness facilities that offer both group fitness class options and a host of cardio and resistance-training equipment. A café that features gourmet, healthy dishes....more

5 Tips to Eating for Sustained Energy

Closeted Vegan

About 3 years ago I encountered a health problem. A painful, persistent, and obnoxious health problem that I would rather not discuss in detail. I visited many, many doctors, was on a lot of medications, and was pretty much in constant pain all the time. Nothing helped. I was desperate and began to lose faith in western medicine....more

Trim Healthy Mama

Trim, Healthy Mama review   Ok, I realize for a 2nd post on a Lyme blog, this seems kinda weird, but if you read the first post, you can go back to my previous blog and get caught up to how I got here! So, I have a friend who has been talking about this book for months.  She started talking about it over the summer and then she got it and started the program and is losing weight. Inches too.  In fact, most people I hear lose more inches than weight.   ...more

An Evening with Ironman Athletes

As the assistant to the CEO of a major corporation, I sometimes learn things that will be useful in my blogging life, or real life, or both. Seriously, that’s how I categorize my life: work, blogging, and real. As an assistant, I recently started attending IAAP meetings....more

Personal Growth For 400 Miles

Last night, I surpassed 400 miles with my Nike+ Running App....more