Should You Join a CSA?

Recently, I decided to join a CSA for the first time and thought it would be fitting to share some information about CSAs with you. If you haven't heard of a CSA or you are potentially looking to join one, but aren't sure, this post is for you!...more

How to Find the Time to Workout

This post contains affiliate links to products I love. "I saw you running this morning! You were booking it!""Thanks! I'm trying to get back into it and now I have a 5K two weeks away so I am really, really committed--I don't want to pass out and die on the course!""I wish I could do something like that, but it's so hard to find the time."...more



Do you challenge yourself? Or are you content to run the same route, the same miles, at the same pace, on a regular schedule? Or do you mix it up? No matter how it you slice it, running is, in and of itself, challenging....more

3 Benefits of Working Out as a Family

If you've been trying to work out, eat healthier and change your lifestyle to that of something better, then it seems like we're living a life of similarity. Just within the past few weeks, I've put the junk food down and started working my body to it's max six days a week. (I'm doing Insanity, incase you're wondering!) So, I definitely know how hard it can be when you're trying to maintain a family, a household, a budget and change your lifestyle all within a day's work. It's hard. ...more

Why I want to Get Fit

May is here and my two piece still hangs silently in the closet. At the top of the New Year I decided that I was "fat" and needed to drop 20 pounds, in my mind I wanted to get back the body I had in my early twenties. Then I realized I was being unrealistic, in my early twenties I had a young metabolism on my side and I had a highly active lifestyle. I was out more, involved in sports and  I would burn off calories from dancing with my friends in the club every night....more

Mid-Week AMRAP Workout to Make You Smile (and Sweat)!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  How are you all doing today?  I've encountered a lot of people struggling with motivation recently, including myself, which is why I posted these quotes yesterday for a little encouragement....more

Meet the Expert: Emily Madsen, Certified Personal Trainer

Don't you love hearing from a trained expert in their field?  I sure do!  There's so much information (and misinformation) out there that it is often difficult to discern what is best and best for each individual.  Connecting with someone who is knowledgeable, skilled, practiced, and demonstrating high degrees of proficiency in their field is a must when it comes to making long-term decisions about your health....more

Do You Love to Eat but Hate to Cook? Here Are Some Tips for You!

I am a nutritionist, healthy mamma, and foodie. While I love to eat AND love to cook, you may not have that same desire to spend a Sunday afternoon experimenting in your kitchen.You’re definitely not alone.  In this past year, over 500,000 people tweeted #hatetocook. Wow! This week’s tips are for YOU....more