My weight has always been an issue.  Ever since I can remember I've been on some kind of diet.  After all these years I've learned one thing...diets do NOT work.  Once you start focusing on what you're not supposed to be eating, that's all you want to eat! I started a new journey earlier this year where I stopped counting calories, fat grams, saturated fat grams, the works!I eat what I want but I do it in MODERATION! And, if I want a piece of cheesecake, I eat it.  I save up for a week for it, but I enjoy every single bite. ...more

How to Practice Yoga at Home Over the Holidays

One question that I'm often asked is, "I love yoga but I want to be able to practice at home instead of going to a yoga studio all the time. What are some tips to start and maintain a home yoga practice?" It seems like a relatively simple thing to do, right? Just roll out your mat and start moving through yoga postures, right? But for many (myself included), keeping up with a home yoga practice can be difficult and challenging. ...more
Great tips, thank you! My yoga studio cuts out classes and closes for christmas break so these ...more

Why Authenticity Matters For An Instructor

I've worked with different instructors as a student in the last couple years. I was challenged to identify the things that are most important to me in my professional development and who I want to be as an instructor. What struck me as important today was the concept of authenticity. ...more

Gym Love: Body Pump

I’ve been called many things, but never a Gym Rat. I love being outside – hiking, riding my bike, walking, playing with my kids, but when the weather gets cold, I know I need to hit the gym.Left to my own devices, I will flip through a magazine on an elliptical machine for a half hour and then wander around unproductively.  Sound familiar? The group exercise classes are what I need to keep me motivated and sweaty.  One of my favorites is Body Pump....more

5 Minutes Of PAIN = 24 Hours of GAIN

  Have a read of my post, and check out this quick video too - I was super energised so I felt I should let it all out on video today! :) The alarm goes off.... ...more

Does milk still do your body good?

I grew up watching those milk commercials where a scrawny tween drank milk to capture the attention of an older, hotter teenager. And to this day, I drink milk. I don't drink the supposedly recommended three cups a day, but I do generally have a cup a day. From a young age, I bought into the whole marketing campaign: Yes, I want strong bones and teeth and I understand that milk provides me with the bulk of my daily calcium needs. ...more

Brunch Recipe: Huevos Rancheros

Here is one of my favorite simple brunch dishes: modified Huevos Rancheros recipes....more

Vigilantly Constricting

I hotfooted into yoga class ten minutes late and discovered that, uncharacteristically, the teacher had taken some time for talk before movement. Hoping to illuminate the theory behind the practice, she’d explained a few terms and their role in the various poses we’d be doing.By the time I slunk in, the class was well into its sun salutations. Much like when I was in college, I tried to fake my way through having missed the lecture....more