Nutrition, Health, and Privilege

Earlier, I wrote about the politics of weight and the systemic issues challenging our health as Americans. All that said, there's still a lot of room for personal accountability and responsibility in managing our health and nutrition. When all is said and done, we're the only ones who decide what to actually put in our mouths and how much to move our bodies....more
TheQuirkyDiva I've noticed that the best food is typically located in the best parts of town; ...more

Friday FitLife Tip: Always Ready for a Workout.

My extra running shoes and my running buddy....more

Mid Life Mom-2 Week Weight Loss Makeover Diary

  Friday,January 16/2015...more

Getting Started

Dang.  Getting  Started.  Scary words, especially when I have used them so many times before.   Perhaps if I blog this journey, i can stay with it.Or die trying.Or abandon the blog.Or discover a planet where being 60 pounds overweight and a MBI of 34 or so contributes to good health.  ...more

I Can. I Will. I Am Going to Lose Weight.

I’m frustrated. I’m upset. And I’m angry at myself.I know. It sounds harsh. But I think it’s time to be a bit harsh on myself.I’m really struggling to lose weight. What started as a 30 pound journey in 2009, has gradually grown into a 40, than a 50 and now a nearly 60 pound weight loss. Which completely blows my mind.I’m mad because I can’t believe I allowed myself to get to this place.I’m angry because I didn’t see it happening. I was in denial. I didn’t believe I was gaining that much, even as that scale creeped up....more

Low Carb 101: Back to Basics (Part 1)

It’s the start of a new year, a time for resolutions and new beginnings for many folks. I’ve seen an increased interest in low carb living since the beginning of 2015–YAY! I know some of you are new to my blog & have come here in hopes of learning how to get started with low carb living, so allow me to officially WELCOME you to my little corner of blog-land…WELCOME!!!...more

Tips in Losing The Last 5 to 10 Pounds

You have followed a healthy eating regimen, sweated it out day after day in the gym and seen the fat in your belly go away. But for some strange reason, you cannot seem to shrug off the last 5 to 10 pounds. You may have already given it several weeks but the scale still does not move no matter what you do. What is the reason for this?...more

Completely Mad...Lib

**Excerpt from my most recent post on my blog....more

Change Happens When You Do

Have you already broken your new year’s resolution? Are you good at setting new goals, but can’t seem to hold on to them? As you may have found out, the real problem isn’t setting the goal or resolution, it’s… how to make it stick; make it work… this time. Research studies, year after year, have shown that less than 40 percent of people actually set goals for themselves for the new year, and of that, less than 10 percent are successful, after just three months of trying. The reason for that is you never change your behavior. ...more