6 Tips for Running in Winter

It gets icy cold where I live and I have never been able to make that leap from summer runner to runner in the snow. Once the snow falls, I find indoor ways to keep myself active. Then, when spring comes, I dust off my running shoes and get so frustrated because it’s like starting from scratch. I hate that feeling and  I’m tired of being frustrated. So, this year, I decided to try to become one of those crazy people I see running in winter....more

Friday FitLife Tip: Find An Accountability Partner.

Everyday we probably all think of reasons why we SHOULDN’T workout. Most of the time those reasons are silenced and we work out anyway but sometimes that nagging voice gets the best of us and we give into our excuses. I fall victim to it and I know that others do as well. But in the end, do we ever really regret the workout? Probably not. Do we ever regret NOT working out. Probably....more

Losing Love for "The Biggest Loser"

I used to love watching the Biggest Loser. Each contestant had a heart-breaking story that led him to live an unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyle. I always cried during the first few episodes as the contestants learned about each other and their struggles. The trainers would counsel them and contestants would have these incredible break throughs. Jillian and Bob made a great team. I truly believed in the direction and objective of the show....more

Get Off Your Butt | 10 Ways to Get Motivated.

Today I would like to talk to you about motivation. I’m sure that all of us – me certainly included – feel unmotivated at times. Especially when it comes to your fitness goals you will eventually hit a rough patch of low level enthusiasm from time to time. Maybe you are still searching for the workout or workout routine that suits you best, or perhaps you are getting bored of the same workout day in and day out. Maybe you feel like the results are coming too slowly, or you feel like all those lofty goals you planned to achieve are crumbling in front of you because you went overboard with your binge yesterday and now think that you are utterly incapable to keep up your discipline for the long term....more


Hello !...more


A little background might be something to start with. I've been chubby most of my life, when I was younger I'd thin down a bit with a growth spurt or early signs of an eating disorder. After I got married I had a hard time conceiving. I would be depressed before I got pregnant and have postpartum after I had my babies. I spent a good decade eating whatever I wanted to make myself feel better. To comfort myself, because I thought I deserved it for having obstacles. Any obstacles. To write that is ridiculous. But it was true!...more

Just starting out

Today I'm just starting out. I decided to just go for it and now I'm here. I'm kaycee and I've had a lot of experience losing and gaining weight. I also have a lot of experience reading blogs but never writing one. I have many blog crushes, who I consider actual acquaintances. It may sound nuts but I'm sure you know what I mean. Of all the blogs I follow I have yet to find one about fitness and lifestyle change that I can relate to. So I've decided to create my own and use this as my outlet and hopefully someone else might find it interesting and follow along....more

Internal Love Tank

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching it is apropos that I do a post about LOVE. But I don’t want to talk about having or not having the love of another; let’s go a bit further and discuss the Internal Love Tank....more

Kombucha & Best Boot Camp Exercises

Are there any kombucha fans out there? I felt myself catching a cold over the weekend, so I quickly began a regimen of broth, kombucha, and Zicam! Everyone has their "system" when they get sick. I wrote a post a couple months ago with 10 Paleo Tips for Fighting a Cold, and my system worked quite well this time around!...more