Tis the Season for a Latte Warm Drinks – What’s the best one for your diet?

If you’re looking for a healthy hot drink, keep on reading before ordering at your next coffee shop As the weather starts to cool down the drinks start to heat up, especially in these parts…when it’s time to grab for a warm beverage which would be the best one for you? If you are looking for nutritional information on your favorite winter drinks you can always go to the company’s website. I typically always go for either a skim latte or a skim cappuccino....more

Leg Day Exercises To Swap In To Your Current Workout Routine

Leg Day Exercise List – Some great ones to add to your training routine...more

Monsanto Survey

Joining BlogHer for the month of November's NabloPoMo event.  I have enjoyed it.  I have kept my committment to blog everyday.  I have met new readers and have found new things to read.  Overall - completely satisfied!I also have received daily emails from BlogHer on various different topics.  I received one email requesting I participate in a survey regarding food.  The tagline was something like,"How well do you know where your food comes from?"...more

A healthy Thanksgiving: Is it possible to make everyone happy?

Welcome to the first post of Thanksgiving Week 2014!  Every day for the next 7 days I’ll be posting a new Turkey Day recipe that’s easy to make, guaranteed to please your guests and also healthy.  Be sure to stop by for healthy recipe ideas as you plan your Thanksgiving feast....more

How To Get In Shape In Ten Easy Pieces Of Exercise Equipment

Ten Easy Pieces is not a new movie with Jack Nicholson and his brother. Jack made Five Easy Pieces, and his brother wanted to make a sequel, but it never happened. Jack, on the other hand, does not know a lot about getting buff, because very young women will hang around him anyway, regardless of his looks. That's how he got five easy pieces to begin with....more

Yogi Green Tea Bluberry Slim Life

Part of my need to cut back financially on the amount of money I spend on my fancy coffee drinks, lattes and whatever I can get from a Starbucks that costs over $3.00 a day, is finding something alternative and healthy. I've also been doing some extensive research and when I say extensive research I mean walking into a Vitamin Shoppe and demanding they give me something to shake my bad coffee/sugar habit. The lovely cashier nonetheless led me to the Tea section, where I chose from an array of items that were great caffeine alternatives....more

Beginner's Guide to Calories and Fitness

Trying to figure out why you aren’t losing weight, or getting the results you want from your fitness routine can be frustrating.  Or even if you’re new to this stuff and just don’t know where to start, sometimes just giving up can seem like the easiest way to deal with it all.  It’s all really not that complicated, it just takes a little effort, some research, and some serious determination....more

Turning the Tables

Okay, here is a TMI post.  Read or don't read.  You've been warned....more