'New Atkins Made Easy' boosts weight loss by boosting fiber and healthy fats

The Atkins diet has gotten a makeover. And Colette Heimowitz, VP of Nutrition & Education at Atkins Nutritionals, explained in an exclusive interview how the new version of this low carb, high fat diet works to speed up weight loss while boosting dieters' health....more

Lightened-Up Salmorejo (Andalusian Gazpacho)

Salmorejo, Gazpacho’s creamier, better and oh-so-much-yummier second cousin. Once you try it, you will never make gazpacho again. That’s a promise....more

The Pros and Cons of Juicing and Blending

I am a big believer in the benefits of juices and smoothies.  And, am often asked, which is better?The answer: It depends.JuicingJuicing is a process of extracting the water and nutrients from a plant, leaving the fiber behind.  Without the fiber to slow it down, the juice is easily and quickly digested and absorbed into your body.The Benefits of Juicing:...more

Product Review: Bulu Box (+ a HUGE discount for readers!)

Hi guys!  I'm back with another product review plus a great discount for you all!...more

The beauty of two miles

Why so many excuses when it's so rewarding, and so enjoyable?When I started riding, I considered a 2-3 mile ride to be long distance.&nbs...more

Why women don't bike

A woman at work told me recently she hadn't been on a bike since she was four years old.  She has no memory whatsoever of biking as a child.  Another woman said she could never ride like I do because she just isn't "good at it."  I couldn't understand what that meant - not being good at riding a bike.  To me, it's as natural as walking - I suppose I just assumed it was the same for everyone.  When I asked, she said she meant that she just didn't feel very comfortable guiding a bike around corners, being steady and balanced on it - bike handling, basically....more

Why I love Yoga more than chocolate cupcakes?

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever” – Keri RussellLast Sunday, I went to the newly opened shopping mall, just in front of my house. It had some of the best collection of jumpsuits I had ever seen in all of my 25 years of life. I was super excited. It was the opening, so there were a lot of discounts like: “3 for price of 2”“50% off for the first purchase”“Buy now, get yearly discount”...more

100-Mile Diet

Day 7 Diet 7 on the 155 Diets100-Mile Diet...more

Unleashing the Monster Within

I’ll be honest.I’ve eaten nothing but crap the past couple of days.It all started with the white chocolate raspberry scone and vanilla iced latte yesterday morning in a desperate bid to get out the door as quickly as possible to get some shopping done.That was followed by a Coke, my very first Reuben sandwich and bottomless fries at around 3:30 – famished after a day of obsessive makeup shopping....more