A Setback and a tough WOD

Last week a virus was going around the office.  Predictably I picked it up and spent one day in bed with a raging fever.  I ended up not going to the gym at all last week. I was pretty upset about it as I've been enjoying it....more

Adult Swim: Being a "Mature Adult" at the Kids First Swim School

I had a rather depressing milestone birthday this year, and around the same time a friend asked if I’d like to participate in a women’s empowerment mini-triathlon in September with her. It sounded like an intriguing idea – just what I needed this year to prove to myself I’m not yet “over the hill.”...more
Leighbra  Thanks for writing. If I can give it a shot, so can you. I had to laugh because the ...more

Do Your Clothes Smell Before You Even Start Your Workout?

I have super sensitive skin when it comes to laundry detergent. In fact, I use Dreft (yes the detergent you usually use for babies) for all of my clothes. I have used it for years, and if I use anything different I usually suffer the consequences. I will refrain from the TMI that it causes me....more
AmberRose I hope it works for you I had some smelly running clothes that I had to put in a ...more

#StarWarsHalf Got Me Motivated

 Last week K Lo. and I signed up for our second Disney half marathon: The Star Wars event, which will take place January 2015.Since our first half marathon, The Disney Tinker Bell half, we’ve been asking ourselves what’s next?  What run do we sign up for, because we can’t just train the way we have been and simply stop....more

The Color Run and The Glow Run: My First 5K's

So I was going to make a blog post a couple weeks ago when I did my first 5K, which was The Color Run but I knew I was also wanting to discuss my participation in the Glow Run as well. Why not just condense the blog and post about the both of them!...more

But pass the butter

 So yesterday I referenced a NYTimes article about sugar and fatty liver disease. Our copy of Time magazine came in the mail yesterday afternoon, and if you haven't seen news stories about the cover story yet, you must be one of those weird hippies who doesn't watch television....more

That Moment

When you get that A-HA.. when everything clicks and you realize THIS is what I was meant to do... I had one of those on Monday evening after I was reflecting on the day and how my 5K trainees did during their workout.  I realized that I love being a Jazzercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and Running Coach.  I love being able to be apart of someone's journey and helping them meet their goals.  THIS is what I was made to do. My mom always said to me our steps are already ordered.. God is just allowing us to walk our path.....more
I can believe you and relate to what you are talking about.  I have been in the fitness industry ...more

This is....SPARTAN!

Spartan racing, I mean. You guys know I'm pretty lazy - well, I *used* to be athletic (hum a few bars of Glory Days here) - but now I get most of my sports on the teevee because I am old and arthritic in addition to that lazy thing. ...more

Vow to Ditch the Scale!

There is one place all women can agree they hate standing…and that is on a scale.  We wince as we wait for that number to flash, allowing it to define us and determine whether we are going to have a good or bad day (because we would never dare step on that evil thing if it wasn’t first thing in the morning, after going to the bathroom, and being stark naked…am I right?).  ...more
I thought I was the only person who was like this !  I now weigh and measure myself once a ...more