Healthy Living

There seems to be a craze these days on getting and staying healthy. I hear many people say things like, I have to begin eating better, have to start exercising, have to drink more water, etc. The intentions are real but the get started part is hard. If you are not a self-motivator by nature, you may need constant reminders of why it is important to try and live a healthier lifestyle. I believe that many of the health problems are nation faces can be avoided and our health system would not be in such turmoil if people would take the responsibility of caring for themselves better. ...more

But I'm only 34!

I just don't feel like it. That was the sum of my feelings about life for the past year or so. I didn't feel like going out to eat, going shopping, having friends over or even talking on the phone. I didn't feel like cooking dinner, organizing my home, doing the laundry or even getting out of bed. My life had become uneventful days of existing in my bed, parenting from my bed, & counting down the hours until bedtime at 7pm. Showering had become a weekly chore. Makeup sat in its case. Clothes stayed in the closet. Hair in a bun on top of my head. Nails unmanicured. Legs unshaven. Why?...more

Movement: It is Easier Done Than Said

Becoming healthy hasn’t been more “healthier” than today. Maybe it is because I am attracted to the voices that promote health and fitness as a lifestyle approach or maybe it is that we are genuinely shutting down the dogmatism that health and fitness is a a real sacrifice....more

Fitness Friday 4/24: A 9-to-5-er's Office Workout

Happy Friday!  I'm glad the day is here and the workweek is almost over.  How about you?  If you need a boost to get through this last workday, try these exercises on your lunch break, or for an afternoon pick-me-up....more

Why I am not Reading Essential Oil Blogs Anymore

It's true. We used to have such a vibrant relationship, the oily blogs and I, but all of that has changed now. We used to spend hours {and hours, and hours} together. I was so eager to learn and try everything so clearly spelled out for me and then one day, it all got so complicated....more

On the Juice....

Yep that's right, sooner or later we all succumb to the dark side of the weight-loss journey. Indulging in fads, promises, and supplements that pledge to melt away fat and give you thigh gap!Why not try anything that will help you be fitter, firmer and stronger - who cares if it costs you a small fortune and it has to be administered in small doses through a tube?...more

Know Your Rights at Work

You have pumping rights when you return to work!Your employer is required to provide you with “reasonable break time” to express your milk for the first year of your baby’s life.  Your employer must also provide you with a place to pump that is free from intrusion and shielded from view. And, no, this place cannot be the bathroom. (I don’t prepare my lunch in the bathroom, do you?)Below are the requirements that employers must observe for a nursing mother for the first year after her child’s birth....more

A Discussion About Essential Oils

This is good info to know. I just orderd some essential oils and after doing some research, ...more