The Girl I Once Was

The difference is as miraculous, as mundane as the ever-cycling day and nighttime. She used to be so sad, so small.  And maybe she is still, but less.  Life was one big contraction, growing inward while never releasing, birthing, breathing out.  Each year was a new level of rot growing down into her being, her heart an abscess.  And she did not know. No one that mattered had ever taught her in this fragile, formative years of her starshine, of the intrinsic value of every one of earth's vibrating lives, hers included. ...more

Perimeno - What?

In my head I'm forever 29, give or take a few years.  When I pass by a mirror, however, I'm often surprised at my reflection, because that is NOT what 29 looks like.  Whatever...being young is a state of mind, right?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy with my age or with getting older.  I have learned so much from my past experiences and I am much more comfortable in my own skin now. But most days I still FEEL like I'm 29....more

The Secret to Embracing Overwhelm

Birthdays are the perfect time for thought. I turned 34 on Saturday. No trumpets. No fancy cake. Just a lot of reflection....more
KathyBoutin  Thanks for sharing, Kathy!  Today, I was feeling that overwhelm creep up, so I ...more

The Ultimate Chicken Pox Survival Guide!

We’ve been blighted!! Chicken pox has struck Sprout’s House!! We awoke on Thursday morning to find that Sprout had a couple of red patches on her face....more

Duodenal Switch, WLS in my future

Robin's view, Awesome, people are reading my stories. COOL. Thank you, thank you. Please feel free to comment. ...more

In Honor of BV Awareness Day: Is it an STD?

Bacterial Vaginosis, more commonly referred to as BV, is the most common vaginal infection in women, and despite the fact that you can get it after having sex with a new partner, it is NOT a sexually transmitted disease; your new partner doesn’t infect you.  I can’t tell you how many times women have gone screeching into their GYN’s office freaking out that they got an STD because something smells funky down there (which is a good practice to have, btw) but BV isn’t an STD and you don’t need to trash your new partner all over town about it!...more

My significant other hates vegetables. How do I eat healthy at home?

Source A client recently approached me with the following dilemma:...more
Thanks for the article, I shared it on my business page to my clients and fitness students.  A ...more