LapBand - Waste of $$

People have different opinions about the lapband, and that's cool but here is my experience with it.  July 2007 I got the lapband.  I paid 16,000.00 to have this surgery.  I thought it would solve all my weight issues.  At first they put the band on completely loose and then over time they fill it, (make it tighter) until it's as tight as it can go, or as tight as you are comfortable with.  They sell you a band with free fills for a year.  So, naturally you feel like you need to have it filled as much as possible in that first free year, otherwise it costs 150....more

Some thoughts on Life. I'm a senior now.

I really just want to blog, and keep thoughts and blogs to myself.  To air things out, get things off my chest, soo to speak.  Only myself and God are priviledge enough to read my private thoughts.  #Private thoughts, on a computer ?  I must be out of my mind, maybe.  I have trouble focusing and just being still, think I have adult ADD.  Maybe, I've always had it....more

I wear two hats: living as a breast cancer survivor and a researcher

As both a breast cancer survivor and a public health researcher, I have a two-pronged interest in new research findings pertaining to breast cancer. Wearing my public health hat, I’m interested in new findings that relate to improved (less toxic, more effective) treatments for breast cancer, and wearing my survivor/patient hat, I’m interested in seeing if my personal experiences (both good and bad) with breast cancer treatment are reflected in the research....more

5 Ways To Avoid Holiday Regret

You've been doing so well this fall. Summer was behind us and it was time to turn your priorities back to you: exercise, less wine, more healthy food, more time for you. And now, ugh, the holidays are coming up and you are afraid all your good intentions are going to come undone. Here are 5 simple ways to have a peaceful season with no holiday regret. ...more
My link to the Guide does not seem to be working! Please email me at ...more

The Women Who Start Something: Monique Thorpe

Why I decided to start The Women Who.Does your daily social media feed read like a how-to for women’s self-improvement. I know mine did. The Women Who is the antidote. A celebration of women and who we are now, not who we could or should be....more

Christmas Video Tradition

YouTube will be rocking another Christmas video by The Wonderlin’s this year.  We LOVE Christmas, it’s by far our favorite time of the year. We have talked about doing Christmas cards, but the time always seems to pass by too quick and before we know it, it’s Christmas Day!Since this is Avery’s first Christmas we will definitely be filming it! ...more

How to Practice Yoga at Home Over the Holidays

One question that I'm often asked is, "I love yoga but I want to be able to practice at home instead of going to a yoga studio all the time. What are some tips to start and maintain a home yoga practice?" It seems like a relatively simple thing to do, right? Just roll out your mat and start moving through yoga postures, right? But for many (myself included), keeping up with a home yoga practice can be difficult and challenging. ...more
Great tips, thank you! My yoga studio cuts out classes and closes for christmas break so these ...more

Don't Think Green OR the Secret to Immortality

Don't think green.Did it work? Or did your mind immediately flash on the color green even though you specifically told it not to?...more

The Case Of The "I Never's"

Some people claim that "I Have Never" did a cetain thing !I'm here, to tell you, that if you need a reality check and you are living on this planet, you've done something !!                     Well if it ain't smoking, its drinking !                         If it ain't drinking, is gambling !!...more

How to Get Help Leaving Your Abusive Relationship

I was living on the street at 15 when I met my ex-husband. When I was 16, shortly after I had our first of three children, we married and moved away from family and friends. I lived a very isolated life, emotionally bullied, physically abused, ashamed and alone with no one for support but the person who was abusing me....more
Great advice and resource. Thanks for sharing your story.more