Part Beauty and Part Discomfort

 "If you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine if there is anything you can do about it. If you can, there is no need to worry about it.; if you cannot do anything, then there is also no need to worry." -Dalai Lama Recently someone said to me that he realized he does not have a right to not be uncomfortable....more

Three simple secrets for the perfect compliment

Receiving a genuine compliment feels pretty darn good. Not the off-the-cuff, “Your hair looks great today,” but a compliment that truly warms your soul and makes you grin from ear to ear. Giving a stellar compliment feels just about as good as receiving one. Not to mention, giving a quality compliment can do wonders for your relationship with your spouse, child, or co-worker....more

Thesis: Menstrual Protection Products and Modern Society

Rest easy, this this really isn’t a graduate thesis on period products, though I sure feel like I could write one, as much as I have read and written about them over the years.  Just in the recent past alone, I have blogged on the history of internally worn products, provided facts to address myths and false information found online about periods and puberty, and responded to questions about changing period needs.  Along with blogging, I have answered hundreds of period questions and, once upon a time ago, I was even been a monthly user. ...more
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Massaging Away the Sunday Blues at the InterContinental Buckhead

Saying “goodbye” to a wonderful weekend is like taking the last sips of a fabulous glass of champagne — you’d much rather savor both forever. That’s why I’ve decided that the best remedy for the Sunday blues is a good old daycation, spa style....more

A healthy brain, exercises and Alzheimer's

Every time we exercise our hearts are pumping and delivering more nutrients  and oxygen to the brain. During physical activity our bodies secretes a hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor which is thought to help with neurons growth.Exercises won't stop you for getting or curing brain diseases, but studies have shown to improve or delay some brain diseases long enough so you never experience symptoms....more

A Visit to the Runner's World Headquarters!

  Last Friday we had the opportunity to tour the Runner's World headquarters in Emmaus, PA.  As soon as we walked in the building we were in AAAW! The inside of the building is so bright and inviting and the staff was so friendly. In order to keep this post a reasonable length, I'm going to just touch on some fun/interesting facts from the visit! ...more

beautiful you.


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 Sunset over West Lake in Hangzhou (this city’s bangin’, y’all)....more

Acceptance While Living with Chronic Pain

After a recent bout with a 1st time muscle related back injury, I have a new appreciation of my everyday, chronic pain. If you've read my whinging about my back, (more here), you know that for me and many others, injury is a different kind of pain. The only positive thing about the injury is that eventually the pain went away. I do still freeze when I get an occasional twinge in the area of the back injury. Truthfully I'm terrified of being immobile again, and therefore totally dependent on others....more