Where was God? The Spiritual Questions of Sexually Abused Children, Part 2

I am reading my way through your posts, Barbara. This is a subject that has dealt with some of ...more

Temperature Control: Sweat vs. Air Conditioning

Are you hot yet? The summer is turning, umm, a tad warm. And perspiration is everywhere. For some reason Western culture has a problem with perspiration, exemplified by the Victorian-era pronunciation that "Horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glow". ...more

Eczema 101

I've had a handful of people ask me about how we deal with SG's eczema so I thought, "Eh, why not write a post?"As an infant, SG's skin was like sandpaper and she was constantly itchy. On more than one morning I would go to retrieve her from her crib and find her in a halo of blood. She would itch the back of her neck all night long and the blood would wick through the jersey knit sheets. The first few times it was unnerving. After awhile it became the reality....more

Step Away From The Comparison Game: Just Be You!

Harried, bedraggled, already late for work, you do your best to be patient as your kids scramble out of the car juggling school backpacks and soccer gear, when your youngest pipes up “Where’s my lunch?” Oh, shoot. In the fridge, that’s where his lunch is. You root in your purse, grab some bills and shove them at your child, “Sorry, Sweetie. Here’s some lunch money. Gotta go. I love you.” As you maneuver your way out of the cramped school drop-off area, you glance over to a sleek SUV, driven by an equally sleek Mom. ...more

A Doughnut Away…Or Change My Ways?

I’m seriously about one doughnut away from becoming pre-diabetic. I had fasting blood work done a few weeks ago and got the results on Wednesday. I was near tears when my doctor asked me what I was doing to better my health. I couldn’t even look him in the eye as I tried to explain that my eating wasn’t as bad as he may have thought. He asked had I seen the staff nutritionist and suggested that I see her again because my cholesterol isn’t that great either. It was both humiliating and awakening. ...more
Wish you the best of luck on your journey :)more

the strength of liz

the strength of liz When Liz was in high school, sitting in a classroom, listening to her teacher lecture, she fainted. Right there, while resting her chin on a clinched fist. Unexpectedly, she lost consciousness. And no one even realized it, except for her friend who was sitting nearby. Before that, when she was in junior high, she took the annual pay for it yourself Washington D.C....more

Feelings I Love

I love when I'm ready to go on a trip and the house is clean and the bags are packed and I can just sit and truly relax.  I love when I'm out walking with my kids and my dog and I have everything we need in a small backpack, including snacks for an impromptu picnic.  I love when I come downstairs during the Christmas season and see our house looking clean and special.  I love when I once drove on a roadtrip feeding myself, my dog and my small parrot bites of my Gala apple.  I love when the silverware drawer is clean and the children's clothes are neatly folded and my fil...more
 @HomeRearedChef Me too!  I'm solving it with a nice mint mojito that my honey made for me.  Our ...more

ACA Coming My Way

Woo! Quite a day for historical change! Of course I'm happy about the Affordable Care Act being upheld! I'm a behavioral healthcare provider. We are the very lowest on the totem pole of what insurance companies consider important to quality of life and quality of care. This act will allow millions of people to get the help they need but thought they could never afford....more

Your Feelings Matter

I sometimes find it challenging to honor my own feelings – especially if what I want or feel seems to be at odds with other people, or my emotions don’t seem to be “appropriate” to the situation.  While I’m not someone who tends to hold back sharing my honest opinions, desires, and feelings and, over the years, I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback from people close to me about talking too much, dominating situations or conversations, and being selfish – underneath all of this is a deep fear that my feelings and desires aren’t as important as other people’s...more

Natural Anti-Aging Serum Recipe To Look Well Rested, Refreshed and Young

I have been using anti-aging serums and creams for more than a decade now and I believed they work fine. The last couple of years (actually, since I gave birth to my son) I became more critical towards what we, in my family, eat, drink, wear or put on our bodies. Being in an analytical mood and having quite a busy lifestyle, which does no good to my skin, I started to question if I am not actually buying fake dreams instead of really working anti-aging creams....more