Using Daily Affirmations for Physical, Emotional and Mental Healing

Louise Hay Inspired Daily Affirmations for Self Love, Self Acceptance and Healing...more

The 21 List: 21 Ways to Stay Sober and Sane

Some days the art of writing is a lot like trying to get blood from a stone. It just isn’t happening. So at the suggestion of a friend, for today’s post I am going to share my list. I’m a self-described “list-geek”. Which list am I going to share? My 21 List. That’s what I call it. Sort of a how-to live sober list.Amy Oathout, author...more

Dover Sole Rollups With Spinach And Feta


Convincing the Addict to Quit the Addiction

Thanks for this post. I have a loved one who struggles with addiction and know all too well what ...more

Surrendering to My Alcoholism

“At least you’re fighting it, “she said. “Good for you. My father wasn’t able to fight his alcoholism and it killed him,” she went on, her voice lowering to a whisper. “And if I can’t fight my alcoholism I’m going to die just like he did.”  The word “fight” immediately set off alarm bells inside my head. “Not fight,” My mind whispered....more

A colorful treat to help ease away depression here's how!

Could a fever bring gains for autism?

And wouldn't you know it, Drew is sick for spring break. I swear he's sick every spring break; but I'll never forget this one... That's just one of about four posts on that rough spring break. Oh vey! That was a tough place and I'm so thankful that we aren't there anymore....more

How to Prevent a case you had one too many!

Why do we get hangovers? I think people don’t really understand the metabolism of alcohol, because there are ways to prevent hangovers, and make that fun night that you may have imbibed too much, into a much softer morning wake up!...more

Losing it all to alcohol: A powerful story of triumph against a common and destructive disease

 Growing up, Tracy Nickel never thought she would one day become an alcoholic. Turns out she did. Nickel has been sober now almost five years.Her story begins when she had her first drink at age 16. At first it was all for fun like everybody else. She said she didn’t really have a problem with alcohol until her late 20s and into her early 30s....more