Dr. Romance on Gratitude, Kindness and Happiness

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This is not a kerfuffleSo today’s been a shit show and it’s only 2pm my time.   Yup, a whole lot of kerfuffle....more

Let Go: Anxiety Not Included

Dreary rainy days, bright sunny days, tornado news, sad stories, happy doggie reunions, UGHHHH I am so emotionally topsy turvy right now that I don’t know if I’m coming or going. Life is extremely hectic for a lot of people right now with so many unemployed, so many stressed out, so many trying to make the best of their situations....more

My Experiences with Postpartum Depression

After the births of each of my children, I went through periods of postpartum depression, which I am still going through today. The one surprising thing is that after the birth of each child, the PPD symptoms were different.  Just like each child is completely different, so were my mental health problems, I suppose....more

Exercise Your Way to Happy & Healthy

Working out in the morning is a great way to jump-start your day, get your blood flowing, and your energy boosting.  I exercise at home, while my children are sleeping, with DVDs.  I am dedicated because I love the way it makes me feel (energized, flexible and strong) and look.  I enjoy the loosening of stiffness from sleeping, and having personal time to start out my day.  Not everyone is a morning person though, so working out during your lunch break or evenings may be better for you. ...more

Quinoa Salad With Brussels Sprouts, Mushrooms And Pomegranate Seeds

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This Week in Body Image News (5/22/13)

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How and When To Use #mymess

a beautiful mess is my story #mymess is yours.What’s #mymess?...more

Laser Hair Removal: Does it Work?

I have been an avid waxer for years, and I truly did not believe in laser hair removal, as I knew people years ago who tried it, and it didn’t work for them at all, so I thought for quite a hefty price tag, if it didn’t work, I might else well stick with waxing! I have one friend that swears by laser hair removal, and I found a Living Social deal, and decided to go for it. I am halfway through treatments and it is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made in my life....more