How I Committed to Hike a Mountain

How I Committed to Hike a Mountain August 21, 2012Posted in: Blog...more

What We Hide From Ourselves

What We Hide from Ourselves...more


Yesterday I talked about how great EMDR is. I explained how it works by essentially allowing you to change your old negative pathways of thinking and develop new, positive ones. This allows those old, negative pathways to heal over and eventually disappear. I tried to describe the feeling and experience of EMDR but in the interest of time I decided to make this a 2-part essay....more

Ode to Green Tea and Scales

My coffee ran out last week.  Huge intake of air from me.  What to do.  I bought more.  There's no way I can start the day without it.  I mean, of course I could, but I just don't want to.  I like how it tastes, but even more, I like how it makes my brain feel.  I justified my decision with some research that coffee helps us think better, helps with allergies, isn't really that bad for us in moderation, and the idea that I can't focus on losing weight AND going without coffee....more

If I Go There Will Be Trouble…

I never qualified myself as an anxious person.  My entire childhood was basically dedicated to extroverted activities: acting on stage (this lasted till my last year in college), performing in music groups and bands, playing every kind of team sport there was (never mind the fact that I was pretty horrible in all of them), and winning constant Gold Stars in participation. I was loud, gregarious and loved being the leader. Nobody, EVER, would classify me as a socially anxious child....more

Centering for the week

I don't know about you, but I have a "ritual" to get myself prepared for the week ahead every Sunday night. Mine involves stretching, especially if I need some stress relief from the long week I just had, snuggling on the couch with my hubby and puppies, and centering myself for the week. ...more

Back to School Means New Backpacks...

With my own nine year old daughter headed back to school in a couple of weeks I began to think of the importance of helping her select a good backpack.  It's more than just perusing a website or catalog for the pack with cats on it (important!)'s helping her to find the one which fits her size and needs. ...more

Enzymes: What Are They And Why Should I Care?

An integral part of a diet for optimum health is the consumption of fruits, nuts and vegetables in their raw form.Uncooked, raw and ripe fruits and veggies are full of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber and much more.Do you know what enzymes are and more importantly, why are they important for you?Check out today’s blog entry to learn more about the:Power Of Enzymes! ...more

Origins: A Pregnancy Book Review

I’m a reader. Recent books on my nightstand have included The Hunger Games, Freedom, and People of the Book--great stories all, steeped in plot twists and imagination and unforgettable characters, and each of them fiction. For whatever reason, this has usually been the type of reading I’m pulled to. Something, perhaps, about being swept up into other lives or places or events that I might not otherwise experience. But lately, these kinds of books have taken the back seat to nonfiction texts, and it’s pretty obvious why....more

Moving Forward: Finding Your Reset Spot

I am a daydreamer. I am also at a point in my life where I am about the move across the country for an opportunity of hope of something better than the last few years have provided me. Which brings me to the idea of a reset spot: Reader, you probably have one of your own. ...more
 @FatCat I think places that inspire you are just as important. :) To me, it's about a spark of ...more