6 Excuses Why You Don't Want to Work Out and the Reasons Why You Still Can

Believe me, I have given myself every single excuse in order to avoid exercising. And when a fitness routine hasn’t been established quite yet, I’m sure we can all agree that’s the time the excuses really start to fly. So whether you’re tired or just plain broke, check out these solutions to stop making excuses and start becoming healthier....more

Bodyweight + Dumbbell Upper Body Superset Workout

This workout was originally posted on the fitness & healthy lifestyle blog, In Fitness and In Health. ...more

Hong Kong's Gender Wage Gap & Sexism

Gender Wage Gap Exists In Hong Kong and It Is About Sexism – You Don’t Think So?Although the wage gap in Hong Kong is narrowing, the fact that women earn less than men is an issue that requires open discussion. This phenomenon is not surprising and actually exists around the globe, including the United States where for every dollar men earn, women only earn 87 cents. This blog addresses the gender wage gap in Hong Kong, but as this occurs globally, the ideas are applicable to many countries.So there are people who say:...more

Do You Make Too Much Milk?

It seems that having too much milk is a champagne problem, but it is a problem nonetheless. Don’t believe me? Be sure to read Wendy’s story about oversupply before reading on....more

Yoga for Road Trips

A Warm-Up Sequence for Back Bends

10-Minute Ab Burner with Alternating Planks

This workout was originally posted on the fitness & healthy lifestyle blog, In Fitness and In Health. ...more

A New Wellness Coach: The journey starts here and now

I just started a journey for my health and fitness and I’m really excited! I’m not sure if you are working on anything for your own eating or workouts right now, but my coach is actually going to teach me how to run an online support group and she is letting me bring 5 people in the group for me to learn. For some reason you were one of the first people to come to mind =)...more