A Little Wisdom

Sometimes I surprise myself with the wisdom that's rattling around in my brain. I take no credit for creating it; I've simply filtered and retained good material over time. I do have a knack for discernment and storage, I suppose. And clearly I can regurgitate well, as evidenced by the volume of good posts I'm pleased to have produced this month through the daily blogging challenge known as NaBloPoMo....more

Your baby will change, make sure you change too.

This is #3 of the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment”Just when you think you have that kid figured out, she goes and changes it up on you.  Frustrating! But, she is a person after all and people change....more

How to (Pretty Much) Survive Hot Yoga

My friend Pam told me about hot yoga. She said it would change my life. She has been going for awhile now and believes it will help ease my chronic pain and eliminate those winter time blues. One summer a few years ago, I did the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD so if anyone ever asks, I tell them I've been doing yoga for years and that I'm pretty good at it. Realistically I'm as flexible as a cadaver and use my yoga mat as a prop to keep my bedroom door closed because the knob doesn't latch. ...more
kathyglo I'm so glad you didn't throw up until after class. That would have been horrible! I ...more

Day 26 - Warning Labels

 Most people know that they shouldn't drink and drive...but they d...more

How to Follow the 80/20 Rule for Being Healthy

As a fitness professional, it's expected that I follow the rules. I work out almost every day, I rarely take a day off. I hardly ever eat out. I eat clean and commit to my daily Shakeology. Sounds good right? Where are those abs? Come on baby belly, when will you leave me? I still cheat almost daily. I allow myself to have one cookie. Sometimes I eat an extra carb. ...more
This is a great principal for weight maintenance, I think. However, for people in the middle of ...more

Top 3 Expressive Therapeutic Writing Tips

Photo by Julie Jordan Scott via Flickr...more

Nipple Vasospams: It’s a tit bit nipply out there!

s the weather gets colder, nipple pain increases. Why? Because when your nipples get hard, the muscles contract, which decreases the amount of blood flow to the tips of your nips!  Less oxygen means more pain, kind of like a charley horse or a runner’s cramp.This is called vasospasm, also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon....more

The Best Way To Slow Down Aging