3 Workday Walk Finishers to Engage Your Muscles More

This workout was originally posted on the fitness & healthy lifestyle blog, In Fitness and In Health. Woo, it's Friday!  How was your week?  Mine's been pretty hectic to say the least, but mostly good (more details on that later).  Let's jump right to today's mini workout, shall we?  ...more

Beyoncé Ain't Got NOTHING on YOU...YES YOU!

I would tell you a story about me, but this post is about you, remember?Pull up a chair…I am going to let you in on a little secret about the both of us…I already told you that being a parenting student is hard as hell. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about read this!) The fact is, doing ANYTHING worth while is THAT hard! Making the decision to pursue something valuable only qualifies you for three things: BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS!...more

Sadness Watch 2015

Trust me, this is gonna have a good ending. Stick with me. I'm 50. I'm a daughter. I'm a sister. I'm a wife. I'm a mother. These things are good.  Except when things are not-so-good. My last What's Happening Twitter update was: ...more

Post No. 8: Having That Dreaded Colonoscopy

(Photo taken at the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama)Did you enjoy the daisies?  I hope so, because I'm going to talk about something serious…Colonoscopies!    I know you are so excited!...more

3 Big Reasons to Rethink Wearing Flip Flops

Last month while shopping in Target, I witnessed a lady totally eat it. I helped her stand up and she said she had "slipped" on the floor. I saw the whole thing. Unless, she meant tripped when she said slipped and her flip flop when she said the floor, she lied like a rug. After I witnessed that little incident, I decided I would write a post on flip flops. ...more

Turning 30: Celebrating My Black Girl Magic

I am getting ready to turn 30, and I'm in love. I have a beautiful son, a host of great friends, a wonderful man, and a growing career as a writer that I never would have dreamed of. As the day draws nearer, I have discovered for the first time in my life, I can unapologetically declare that I am in love with all of me....more

skin bleaching phenoma

I recently viewed an interview with R&B singer India Arie  and Roland Martin of TV One News.....more

Three Reasons Why Change Takes So Long – First of a 2-Part Series

Change can be tough.  Here you have created a plan of action to make a meaningful change in your life and it just doesn’t seem to be taking hold!  You have everything you need: information, motivation and will power. It seems that it would be easier to leave things the way they are.  Why is it taking so long?...more

I Breastfeed and I Have Too Much Milk

Don’t hate her because she makes more milk than you.Having an oversupply of breast milk seems like a blessing. Something no woman should complain about.You kind of hate her, don’t you? She sits at support group explaining that she has no more room in her freezer, that she can pump eight ounces after the baby has breastfed. You are struggling to get a single ounce in your freezer. Or maybe you don’t even make enough for your baby and you need to supplement with formula.Don’t hate her....more