Pelvic Health: Breath and Belly

Find a comfortable seated position, where you can place your feet flat on the floor and have your pelvis be slightly higher than your knees. Invite your spine to flow upwards as you root the bones of your pelvis towards the ground. You mapped those bones in yesterday's exercise; now go to your sit bones, balance your weight evenly, then line up your hip joints, knees and ankles. Yes, it can feel like a lot of preparatory just to 'sit', but go with me here....more

If not you, then who?

There have been many times in my life when I shy away from doing creative projects because I think things like:Who am I to do this?I think because I don't have the background, credentials or track-record to start working towards a particular vision, that I shouldn't go for it.I think that there are other people in this world more "qualified" to do the work....more

4 Things You Need to Know About Coming Off Birth Control

We always hear about the side effects of medication, but rarely do we consider the side effects of stopping medication. Since coming off the pill, I've experienced a number of side effects... most of which I wasn't fully prepared for. After endlessly Googling, I've learned that all of these things are normal. ...more
Thanks for writing this. Sometimes I'm not sure what is scarier: birth control or getting ...more

What would you do...

I've asked this question many, many times, but it never gets old to me:Today's Write Your Life writing prompt is a biggie:What would you do, if you weren't afraid? Here are a few of my thoughts on this question from my journal:...more

The Stinky Soother for Diaper Rash

I'm not a medical professional and this is certainly not medical advice! I'm simply sharing my experience. I don't think I ever used diaper cream with my first, but it seems like we were always chasing diaper rash with my middle and now again with the little guy....more

How to Live With The Past, Embrace The Present and Look Towards The Future

There are times when we are told that we shouldn’t focus on the past but then come the voices that say that holding to those past experiences will actually help us.I know how hard it can be to let go of the past, especially if it holds very unpleasant or very pleasant memories. We hold years of memories in our mind and body and it can only be true that we have a hard time forgetting. When we forget it usually involves those things that if we could we would treasure for life....more

Getting to Know the Bones of Your Pelvis

Locate your pelvis. If you need help, look up ‘pelvic bones’ for images. Go on, I’ll wait. Oh, and before going any further, you may want to slip into something more comfortable. Also, please note that this exploration might raise eyebrows if you’re standing on line, or at the dinner table. Be at your comfort level.Let’s use our hands to explore:Put your hands on those big, wide bones below and to the side of your waist....more

Stuck at Your Desk? Try These 3 Exercises

Happy Friday, everyone!  AND happy first day of May (I can't believe I'm saying that).  It's been a long week, hasn't it?  (No? Just me?)  I remember writing my post for Monday thinking this week was going to go by so. slow. But lookie here - it's already Friday.  Whew!  Okay, onto the fitness...  ...more

Healthy Living and My Run-Ins with War in Iraq

I was a little girl when I first heard about a place called Iraq. I remember seeing in the news that war had broken out between Iran and Iraq, two countries with such similar and curious names. I was old enough to know that war was a scary thing, and could go on for years. I made a mental note to myself to remember the year (1980), to see how long this one would last....more