Full Disclosure

We all remember getting "The Talk." The birds and the bees. Becoming...a woman. My Mama ate this stuff up - loved being my "girlfriend". I remember her getting all misty-eyed about how her little girl was growing up. She bought me an assortment of feminine hygiene products, which she insisted on showing me how to use. My BFF Kaysie's mom had just filled a grocery sack with a variety of Kotex and left them outside her bedroom door in the middle of the night. But Mama actually wanted to HELP ME insert my first tampon! I kid you not....more

Poised for Confidence

I consider it my job to be a fun squasher. I like to have conversations with my kid that preempt jokes, demystify life's oddities, and suck all the joy out of slang terminology. It started early with our first talk about where babies come from and will continue on and on. She knows the proper words for most everything; she understands the basic mechanics, and as time goes on, I'll fill her in on the details. It's all so that when puberty slaps her across the face, she'll be prepared....more

Menopause: Pledge To Have The Second Talk With Poise

Did my title grab your attention? I hope it did, and that you will stay with me to read what I have to say, and agree to "Pledge to Have The Second Talk with Poise," and also to have a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card!Menopause is an important topic for all women, especially those over the age of forty. I think all women remember their "first talk" with a trusted adult about the changes they could expect in their bodies at puberty....more

Menopause: The Second Talk

In another life, on another blog, I was fondly known as “The Hot Flash Queen,” and it wasn’t because I looked good. It was because I am in menopause -- something no one likes to talk about, much less go through. So, when BlogHer presented an opportunity to talk about a new, first-of-its-kind line of products from the Poise brand that can be bought over the counter to help with the effects of menopause, I was all over the challenge of having the Second Talk.I’m not shy about being “void” in the female baby-making region....more

Growing Your Medicine Cabinet in the Herb Garden

[Editor's Note: When planning this year’s herb garden not only consider what might season your food nicely, also consider what might replace things in your medicine cabinet. Stinging nettle, chamomile, elder flower and blackberry leaf all have medicinal purposes. You can grow these herbs all spring and summer long to help with ailments such as stomach upset and anxiety. When summer ends you can dry them for use throughout the winter. - Jen]...more
I swear by clove for a toothache, and just blogged about it yesterday in fact: ...more

Staying on Top of the Seasonal Chaos

The holidays can be a time of stress and chaos, but fortunately for us, Kim at Recipes To Run On has taken the time to tackle the biggest headaches with the help of Laura from I'm An Organizing Junkie. These are their tips for staying one step ahead of the chaos this holiday season. ...more
Hecticly. I need a sister-wife who likes to organize so I can be creative.more

I promised myself I would take a shower every day.

I am not a girl that gets up every day and curls my hair and puts on my makeup. I am definitely a yoga pants around the house kind of girl. I always have been. I may have even worn pajamas to class one day in college. Or two days. But after my son was born, I wanted to make sure that I didn't go to extremes, so I promised myself I would at least take a shower every day....more

How Much Health Information Should You Share on the Internet?

Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed unpacks what it means to be a health blogger: to put personal information about your health on the Web for all to see. It's also about what it means to read health bloggers -- should you take your health information from an unknown entity on the Web? ...more