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Field Goal Football Crochet Hat Pattern!

Field Goal Football Crochet Hat Pattern...more

Grand Illusion MQ

I love the colors of this mystery quilt! ...more

lisalamadrid-Grand Illusion Link Up 1

Okay, I did get all my fabric purchased for this years quilt along, but my sewing room has to many projects to get started on GI right now. I need a few days to catch up/ finish up two projects so I can have room to get started cutting strips and sewing half squares.So here is the link to this years happening

The List Goes On

How many ways can I complain about having a cold?  Ask Paul.  Especially because now he has it!  According to someone in the know (my doctor), this is just a virus.  A virus that seems to be lasting a loooooooong time (10 days so far).  So, you are getting a continuation of the list from the last post......:8) It snowed a lot the day before Thanksgiving:...more

Hanging Dish Towel Tutorial

I have a little secret to share with you today.  Many years ago I had a sewing blog.  Sewing has always been my first creative love.  I used to sew any and everything....more

Knittet hat

I did just finished this knittet hat for kids. There was som yarn left from another project, and this is a fine way to use it. Did a metion that it's my design?...more

Crocheted Owl Hat

 This pattern is easy to follow, fun to change and adapt.  I was delighted with the professional look of the final product. Since my wool is thicker than what is used in the pattern, I used an N- 9 mm hook and by using thick yarn, I only needed only 6 rows to fit a two-year-old.  Bonus- the hat is so comfortable.  Although  I adapted the pattern. I followed the basic concept in the link below....more


The perfect holiday gifts for someone who sews

It seems to be traditional in the blogging world for everyone to publish their annual holiday gift guide.  I suppose it makes sense – if we share the same kind of interests and the same kind of tastes, you’ll probably like similar shops and similar products to me.  So maybe I can save you all a little time and trouble this year with a few of my own favorites....more