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The Olympics Make Me Cry

I love, Love, LOVE watching the Olympics.  I look forward to them and love rooting for the U.S.  And also for anyone else who is winning.  And also for anyone who is losing.  But the Olympics make me cry....more


Is anyone playing along with the Ravellenics?  I'm captaining a team for Hufflepuff.  There was quite a bit of controversy over the games, but I'm glad they got it worked out, since I love crafting competitions.  I'm planning on doing some pieces for my newest modular baby blanket, Owl Obsession....more

Featured Artisan ~ Kountry Kreations

Featured Artisan ~ Kountry Kreations Today, we meet Angie from Kountry Kreations. ...more

Crocheting My Way To Freedom…

Freedom, freedom from buying gifts, that is. I stumbled upon a wonderful source of FREE crochet patterns for babies and children and I am excited to start making special outfits, jackets, booties and even little shoes. Usually, I crochet queen size blankets, cream coloured bed covers, Afghans, shawls, baby blankets, scarves , dish cloths and gorgeous hand towels but I have never considered crocheting anything else. Nine kids with birthdays, weddings and now grandbabies kept me crocheting constantly for years....more

Feeling the Pressure

The Olympics start on Friday.  Which means the Ravellenic Games on Ravelry start on Friday.  And I'm no closer to figuring out what my project will be.   It has to be a challenging project to knit.  Something that will be difficult (but do-able) to finish in the 17 days of the Olympics, from the start of the opening ceremonies until the flame goes out at the closing ceremonies.  While deciding, I have to take into account things like babysitting time (but allowing for knitting time during naps), class teaching time, an already scheduled lunch wit...more

A Busy Busy Week Ahead

 Wow, February already and it promises to be a very busy week ahead.I've already started moving into my new business home ... I think it may be a slow process but know it's just the right move.I'm continuing to hold Make With sewing classes in the Tecton Art Centre but I'll have my office upstairs with all the Classic Silks fabrics accessible and be surrounded by all the inspirational creations from other artists & crafters.  No more trying to remember to bring everything to class ... it's all going to be under one roof....more

Raige Missed Her B-Day!

Raige Missed Her B-Day! I was just enjoying getting lost on my blog.{does anyone else ever do that? click on the 'you might also like' posts at the end of the blog and find old posts, old pictures, marvel at how good some posts are, how bad others are??}...more

Stepping Back into the Garden

Fifteen weeks ago, our lives changed forever, as Baby A made her arrive three days late.  At seven pounds, fourteen ounces she was, from the first, a delightful little snuggler.  Now that we’ve settled back into our life together, and after much deliberation about whether this was the place to do it or whether I should start a new blog more devoted to the changes our life and lifestyle have taken, I’ve decided to return to the garden, not because everything is the same or because all of the pieces will fit as nicely and logically as they used to, but because this is the place wher...more

Project Dogway Part 2

Hooray! I got a new car battery, therefore I was able to find some fleece! The fabric department of my least favorite store was a bust so I ended up buying two cheap fleece throws from A.C Moore. The throws were the perfect size and price. $4 compared to the $10 a yard of fleece costs at the store....more

Project Dogway

It should come as no surprise that my dogs can be a bit of a pain in the cold weather. Quinn especially.Once the temperature gets below about 50 degrees, E & Q will shiver, burrow into their cavebeds and refuse to go outside. This leaves me no choice but to be one of those people who sews clothes for their dogs. I’d be ashamed, but you should see my fabric stash. I need to use this fabric somehow!I started out with a store-bought pattern and made some adjustments for a whippet’s weird body shape....more