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How to Do Awesome Potato Stamping in 7 Easy Steps

This week, I went on a potato stamping bender. I know some people go nuts with illicit drugs; I go crazy with an economy-size sack of spuds and neon craft paint. We all have our own vices … but I digress. I had always thought of potato stamping as a craft for kids, something my daughter would bring home from preschool. Once I got the hang of things, I realized potato stamps have all kinds of fun potential. Lemme tell you what I learned....more
GeekMeetsLittleFeet  You might notice the little hands next to me on the couch.  At my house if ...more

Hard Work & Rewards

10 years ago this March I became self-employed ... it's hard work!Having always sewn for pleasure, 10 years ago I bought Classic Silks, an existing business selling silk fabrics by mail-order.  One of my first orders was from Argentina.  I sold into Italy, Denmark, Gibraltar and all across the UK to bridal and occasion wear makers.  I sold to curtain and soft furnishing makers, private individuals and corporate enterprises.  Life was good and I was working hard.Then the world economic crash hit....more


Yikes, I missed my blogoversary!  I've been excited about it for weeks, but for some reason thought it was March 7th, not March 5th.  It's been a big year for me, which started with the blog and then really got going on the 7th (yes, actually the 7th) when we found out that I was pregnant.  I wouldn't change a thing about the last year (and change), and I'd like to thank you all for being a part of it!In celebration, I have another project to share....more

How To Make Your Own Sewing Machine Cover

I’ve had my sewing machine for a few years now and decided that it probably would be a good idea if I made a cover for it.  Now, I’ve admitted that I’m not the best of sewers, but I’m learning!  I thought this project would be simple, and it wasn’t too bad, but it’s definitely not for the newbie sewer.  :)  There are quite a few mistakes that I made, but overall I think that it turned our pretty cute!  I had a bunch of scraps that I used for the squares and even some leftover batting that fit almost perfectly!...more
Hehe...I hope you give it a try and have good luck!more

5 NEW Facts About Me

Last year I wrote 15 things about me in response to a challenge on BlogHer and I have recycled snippets from that same article ever since. So, to prove that I am really not that predictable and boring I have rooted around in my brain for 5 other amusing facts about me....more

Cutest Exorcism Ever

V was baptized last weekend.  The deacon explained that it's a type of exorcism (first time hearing that for both of us) and I think it may have worked -- she's ditched the 4 AM wake-ups for the week!  I also got a 40-minute, not-on-me nap today.  Glorious!...more

Can You Make Your Own Curtains? Yes! Here Are 9 Different Ways!

I am bad at curtains. I know they are one of the simplest things you can do to change the mood of a room. We've lived in our house for almost four years and we've slowly been changing wall colors but I've been even slower at window coverings. De-popcorn ceilings? No problem! Painting? Love it. Curtains? Eep!...more
I've made drop cloth curtains. So easy, especially since I didn't paint them. It only requires ...more

How to Make a Living as a Crafter

I have made a living as a crafter for close to 15 years. It has not always been easy. There were times I was poor, and there were times I felt rich. There were times without health insurance, and times when I was staying in hotels in Beverly Hills. The craft industry waxes and wanes like anything else. This, my friends, is why I always live by the motto that you need to have several financial irons in the fire at once. ...more
jenniferperkins It was packed with good info! Thanks for sharing!more

Winter Sun

While I was on my making things for me kick, I finally squared away an essential piece of my winter wardrobe.  I have what can charitably be called quite a big head.  I also have wavy hair that can tend towards huge and frizzy.  Finally, I am always freezing.  This means that a winter hat is necessary, but always risks making me look terrible and ruining my hair....more