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Four and a Half Reasons Why You Need a Yarn Scale

I got a yarn scale for Christmas and it is my current favorite knitting tool.  It is not technically a "yarn" scale - it is a Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display....more

DIY Steering Wheel Cover

     One of the projects on my Christmas sewing list this year was a steering wheel cover for my husband. I have a really hard time finding gifts that I can make for him. I don't know if it's just that I have my mind set on little kid stuff all the time, or that men are just really hard to sew for. Anyway, the original tutorial I found was here if you want to check it out....more

The Top Craft Trends of 2014: Which Ones Did You Try?

Some yearly trends are better than others, and 2014 was chock-full of keepers. So this list of most popular crafts is not about played-out trends you need to retire immediately. Instead, consider it the gorgeous highlights of 2014....more
Owls definitely last year. I sold lots of owl doorstops/frig magnets/xmas tree decorations etc. ...more

The G-word We Must Stop Talking About

When we last spoke, it was a week before Christmas.  Now it is almost a week past New Year's.  So, how to tell you about the last three weeks?  Probably a list.Top of the list is that we are yet again emerging from a germ fest in this house, and hoping it is the last of the season.  That is all I will say about the total annoying-ness of crappy germs that keep coming around and bothering us and messing with holidays and vacations....more

How to Create a Yarn Weaving on Your Art Journal

I'm sure the inside is of your 2015 journal this year will be covered with pretty pictures, amazing ideas and gorgeous drawings … but what about the cover? ...more

Knitted sweather

This I finished just a weak ago. It took a little bit longer than I expectet. Now I want to make one more, to do some adjustments. It is my own design. I hope to be able to have the pattern in Raverly after the adjustments....more

Vintage Pajama Sew-Along Part 1

Carla of Tiny Angry Crafter is hosting the Vintage Pajama Party Sew-Along. Here’s part 1 of my project for this sew-along.View Post...more

A Vintage Style Peasant Dress For Layla

Practice run of making a vintage style peasant dress for little Layla, helps identify some fitting issues in the sleeves.View Post...more

12 Crafting Days of Christmas - Mid-Madness Wrap-Up

     The days are ticking by...5 days until Christmas! Anyway, as it was last year, I have but a few days left to finish crafting and it will not be nearly enough time to complete what I had planned. So, here's my mid-madness wrap-up. If I don't remind myself of what we've completed in our home this month, I will continue to stress out over what still needs to be done.  Here's a peek at our mania Christmas-y goodness....more

Wedding Needle to Fabric

The history of quilts as utilitarian items stretches back thousands of years. In fact, the word quilt is adapted from the French cuilte, which grows out of the Latin culcita (“a stuffed sack”)....more