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Last Weekend, This Week, This Weekend

The craziness of this time of year is catching up to me.  I was going to show you a post about my busy knitting class weekend that I had LAST weekend. And then last weekend happened and now this weekend is coming to an end.  I think from here on out, possibly, maybe, things may be calming down a little.  Maybe.  Possibly....more

Crocheting Caps for Cancer Patients with Love

This is a very different post for me, because I have an important story to tell you today! I'm about to tell you how I came to the decision that I needed to do something for cancer victims who are bravely going through chemotherapy today and every day. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about an old friend, someone I loved, who bravely fought her own battle with cancer, but in the end, lost. Actually, I think about her all the time because I miss her so much. So often, I want to pick up the phone to tell her some news or just talk, but of course, I can't!...more

A Very Cherrieful Outfit

After purchasing this lovely fabric with embroidered cherries on it I knew I was going to make a very cherrieful outfit.View Post...more

Gertie Sews Vintage Casual A Quick Review

I finally received my copy of "Gertie Sews Vintage Casual" and in the midst of home repairs I thought I'd take a break and give it a quick review.View Post...more

Dresden Plates

My grandmother, Mildred, was born in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1902. She died in Windom, Minnesota, in 1974....more

grand illusion part 2!

Here's my Singer 401a and my step 2 of Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illsion mystery quilt...just 189 more to go!     ...more

1 sweater, 7 projects

1 $3.99 Goodwill sweater = 4 mason jar votive covers, 2 to-go coffee cozies, and 1 pillow.Step 1: Gather your materials.  I purchased a size small sweater at Goodwill and washed it but if you have an old sweater of your own, even better....more

2014's Best Books You Might Have Missed

I spend most of the year trying to delicately (sometimes not so delicately) push my favorite books into as many hands as possible, but there are times when it never feels like enough. Even though most of these books have been quite successful, I'd love to see them picked up by an endless number of readers....more

Field Goal Football Crochet Hat Pattern!

Field Goal Football Crochet Hat Pattern...more

Grand Illusion MQ

I love the colors of this mystery quilt! ...more