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Are You a Crafter or a Baker?

I have this whole theory about why I am a better cook than a baker. Baking involves following instructions and being exact. Cooking, much like crafting, can bend the rules. You can add a little of this and a little of that, and it might just make things better. Do that with baking, and your soufflé won't rise. I am a crafter. I love to cook and craft—baking, not so much. ...more
I feel like a Brafter. Baker + Crafter.more

Retro Jersey Suit – Simplicity 2154

I recently finished up Simplicity pattern 2154, a reproduction of a 1960′s suit.View Post ...more

Sew for Victory 2014

Lucky Lucille recently announced the 2014 “Sew for Victory” sew along, and I’m planing to join in the fun.ViewPost ...more

I am Grateful that I Have Discovered…

I am grateful that I discovered crocheting about 10 years ago because I hate wasting time waiting in doctor’s offices, watching hockey games and driving for hours in the car with nothing to do.Iam grateful that I have discovered......more

Rent Socks

Some of you know that I have a very long commute to work - 84 km (~50 miles) each way. In addition to this, my role at work has been changing lately and now I'm doing training in a classroom setting. The result of this is that now I have a hard and fast start time in the mornings and when you have to cross a city of a million people to get to work, traffic is unpredictable at best. So on the days when I teach, I spend the night before at a friend's place much closer to work. We have experimented with how to compensate her for this. She's not really comfortable taking my money....more

Can't Make Your Own Curtains? Hack Them

While curtains are easy to make, for someone like me who is not great with a sewing machine, sewing my own seems a little intimidating. While I'm sure whatever I made would look fine, I would forever see any teeny-tiny imperfections I made on the seams. Perfectionist? Me? Sadly, yes. Then I started thinking -- if I can't make them, maybe I can hack them? I found some easy modifications that can take curtains from drab to fab. Change Tab Top Curtains to Pocket Curtains...more
we don't have many curtains.more

Random Friday

1) It is Spring.2) It is 29 degrees and snowing right now.3) Martha's Dandee Crème in Lake George opens tomorrow.4) I have two sleeves for my Charleston Tea:...more

Get the Look for Less: Crate-and-Barrel-Inspired Coral Floral Pillow

I crave colors when spring starts, which is why I love the Julian Orange Pillow from Crate and Barrel: A punch of orange and hot pink, it's perfect for a girl wanting to add a splash of color. Here's my take on an easy, homemade pillow inspired by this look! ...more

Diagonal Drop Stitch Scarf - Free Knitting Pattern

Most of the time, when I've got a great idea it sticks in my head like glue and I can't get it out for years. Of course, ALL of the time, it takes years to get an idea from my head to my hands. I'm the slowest knitter in the world and can't concentrate on anything for more than 5 seconds at a time. Sue me. ...more

Fiber Arts in Unlikely Places...

Have you ever thought that you might find classes in fiber arts such as knitting and crochet at a college or university? I mean, why would you? Knitting and Crochet are taught at local craft stores or yarn shops, right? You buy your yarn and tools, quickly learn the technique and off you go. Well, welcome to the fiber arts revolution. There are men and women that want to make these art forms their life’s work as well as folks that want to learn a craft to enjoy at their leisure....more