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Cute Crochet Cupcake Dishcloth

While perusing the yarn aisle at my local craft store, I happened upon a free crochet pattern for a cupcake dishcloth. The sign said "Take One", so I did, because I always do what I'm told. Yep....more

How to Make Adorable Jersey Baby Burp Cloths

Jersey baby burp cloths are really easy to make, because there are only six steps in the process to throw one together. You can literally sew one or two of these together in about 10 minutes if you have ever used a sewing machine before – even if it was in high school. They are seriously that easy and incredibly hard to mess up. ...more

Knitting the Temperature February 2015

This is the second installment of this 2015 year long conceptual knitting project - Knitting the temperature February 2015 to see the full post click here...more

February - The Month of Love

Many think of February as the month of love, mostly because Valentine's Day is there. Many people have traditions of using the entire month to demonstrate love, some only do up until Valentine's, others (like us) treat it like a normal month.Other than that though, February is about love for us, since Hun and I's anniversary is at the beginning of the month....more

Cross Stitch Basics for Nerds

I follow a line of crafty ladies. My grandmother possessed an old fashioned skill set that included quilting and crocheting when it was done out of necessity, not for recreation. My mom learned from her and is known in our community for 40 years of crocheting (she is also the owner of a craft and antique shop).I like to think I have learned a thing or two from such exceptional role models and I am always trying new crafts. I'm not a clever DIY-er and rarely have the time to make pretty things....more

Easy Pillowcases

Aren’t these Easy Pillowcases adorable?  I was looking for something cute to make with some of this sweet flannel I have left over from another project and found this super fast AND easy pillowcase that I just couldn’t wait to try out. You won’t believe how quickly these come together and how simple they are to make....more

Designer Headbands for Your Baby

I have the sweetest little grand daughter and I wanted to make something quick and easy for her with some scrap jersey material that I just love and happen to have on hand so I decided to make some headbands.  What I love about this sewing project is that you can make several headbands out of fairly small scraps of jersey fabric and you can put them together really fast.  My kind of project!...more

Shopping Cart Cover - I Wish I Had One of These When I Had Little Ones

Have you ever seen something and immediately thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Happens to me all the time. When I first saw a woman in a grocery store pushing a shopping cart with a cover over the baby seat area I was amazed and I immediately thought that I wished that I would have had one of those when my kids were little to keep all the germs from the cart off of my babies. ...more

Sewing Tips:Keeping Track of Pattern Pieces

     I love to sew. As a mom of toddlers with a destructive cat in tow, you might wonder how I get any sewing done at all. Sometimes, I wonder that myself. I have been asked how I keep track of my projects when it is inevitable I will be pulled away mid-project to change a diaper, make a snack, or regulate a fight (I am raising boys!) Here is one way I keep track of my pattern pieces and fabric while I am away. ...more
Those foxes are adorable, and what a great idea for keeping everything straight. Thanks.more