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Latest Crochet Creations

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been getting back to crafting, specifically crochet, which makes me oh so happy! It's just a wonderful feeling to see something come together. Neither of these projects are solely mine, as I've used patterns created by others. But, when something is just so beautiful, why reinvent the wheel, right?I completed an example of one kind of slipper I can make, by request. I love the color of this particular slipper and I'm holding back from making the mate and just keeping them for myself.... ...more

Work In Progress :: Oblique, Almost Done!

I'm pleased to report that this will be my last Oblique WIP post! I'm on the homestretch! I attached the sleeves to the front and back panels, then picked up and knit the button bands and collar. As I tried to read ahead, I had no idea where the pattern was going. I had to just trust the process (eek!). It all worked out in the end. All I have left to do is seam up the arms and sides, take care of all the pesky yarn tails, then block! ...more

Positive Balance of (Yarn) Trade

Like any good knitter, I can't resist stash building (I have a considerable amount of yarn on the way from DBNY--can't wait). At the same time, I want to use up/move out yarns that I'm not as excited about. So, I've got a few projects in mind to use up some odds and ends, mostly older acrylic yarns. Even if I don't reduce the overall volume of my stash, I will hopefully increase the overall quality! Here are my current "stashbuster" ideas:...more
I had to stop collecting yarn.  My cats have free run of my house so the only place that I can ...more

And So It Begins

I am finding I have more to say about knitting than the people in my life are really interested in hearing, so I am launching this blog. I'm okay if few to no people read it, although it would be cool if it generated a little interest. I don't have a super clear objective so far. My initial intentions are to discuss the highs and lows of yarn and knitting and to document an intense stashbusting initiative. As with most blogs, it's likely that a decent dose of life and social commentary will make it in, as well. I will link my blog to my profile. My username there is alexand....more
I'm interested!  I just picked up knitting again after a 25 year hiatus.  I'm doing a lot of ...more


After a night of passion, I awoke to Darryl fully dressed and heading out the door, he was going to leave without saying goodbye. Apparently he has a meeting. As I lean over the bed to collect my blue silk panties and my cut-out dress I notice a cheque for $500, proving once again that love really does have a price. -anonymous X ...more
OH my!  I wish someone would sweeten my bank account like that! It's not like they can't afford ...more

How to Make a Cute Summer Skirt

If you want a cute new skirt to wear this summer but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on one, I have a great pattern for you. This skirt is so easy to make, you will want to make a bunch! ...more

Finished Object Friday :: Maxi Dress

I finished Mae's maxi dress! She asked for it to go down to her "tippy toes", but she likes to run and climb, so I had to convince her that it's better this way! To see the full post, click HERE!...more

Work In Progress :: DIY Maxi Dress

Well, I know you've heard it before... I'm still working on Oblique and Vianne. So, since you need a break from that (and frankly, so do I), today I'm sharing my sewing work-in-progress!  ...more