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You Won't Believe How Easy It Is To Make These Maxi Dresses

Warm weather has been slow to arrive to my corner of the world but it's finally here and I've started pulling out my warm weather clothes. The first thing I reached for was my maxi dresses. I love how they are even more comfortable than yoga pants (yes, really) but make me feel way fancier. I do sometimes have a hard time finding maxi dresses I really like in my local stores but it's okay. These bloggers have me covered with their tutorials for how to make your own maxi dress. Easiest Maxi Dress Ever...more
sassymonkey Considering!!more

Sewing My Own Maternity Shirt

A few months ago, I took the Pixie with me to the mall. She looked around with wide-eyed wonder at the stores and the lights and the displays and the people and asked me THREE different times, "What is this place???"We learned two things that day: 1) that I don't take the Pixie to the mall very often and 2) that she has the memory span of a fish....more

Blowing the dust off my sewing machine

I decided to pull my sewing machine out of hiding and blow off the dust. Lets see what happened....more

Something New

I'm going back to work next month.  I'm hoping that my schedule will allow me to leave a bit earlier in the day than I used to, spend time with V, and then finish up my work for the day after she's gone to bed.  One serious issue with this plan was lugging my massive laptop back and forth every day.  So not appealing.  Imagine my excitement when I was notified yesterday that I could access firm materials on an iPad!  I ended up buying one today.  I think it will be a big help....more

Sew For Victory Dress – Vintage Simplicity 1649

A complete review of my Sew for Victory dress, made from vintage Simplicity 1649 pattern.View Post...more

Crocheting With Joy

 Although I am excited to try new patterns, to adjust and modify and create my own designs, at the same time, I am aware that literally millions of women have gone before me, creating, crocheting and knitting. There is a sense that I am plugging into a long line, a historical, generational lineage of women who have always worked with their hands. in fact, I still marvel at what can be created with string and a steel hook....more

Half and Half

It's finished; maybe.  This is the shell I've been working on for a few weeks.  The design is called Fifty Fifty by Laura Cunitz and you can find it on  I'm calling mine Half and Half. ...more

Free crochet patterns

 See details at Sandy ...more

Work in Progress

I'm sorry that I've been Sir Not Appearing in This Blog for the last few weeks.  Babies, teething, you know the drill.  I've been pretty limited in my crafting, too.  Most of my time has been spent on one of my two current big projects.  I had two skeins of Wollmeise "Pure" from a grab bag that I bought before it was called Wollmeise "Pure," one each in We're Different (sort of like outlet-store version) Nicole and Franz with Chicken Pox.  ...more


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Baby Dalek. OMG!more