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How the Pros at Pinterest Unlock Creativity Through Knitting

Some technology companies refer to themselves as “engineering-led” or “design-led.” At Pinterest, we look at all parts of the company as equally important to our mission of helping people save and discover the things they love so they can go do those things offline....more
Wow. Now if only you could run America's schools like that!!!!more

Crocheting the Sky 2015

Crocheting the sky is a year long conceptual project here is April 2015 and for your enjoyment I have included a poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery  Click here...more

Girl-Cut: How to Alter a Shirt to Be More Flattering

I love this shirt – now. I didn’t like it the way it started out, and I have worn it for a long time without feeling really comfortable in it -- so I decided it was time to alter it....more

How to Make Easy Stitched Desk Caddies for Teacher, Mom, Dad or Grad

Mother's Day and Father’s Day are on the horizon, and let us not forget an end-of-the-year teacher appreciation gift might soon be needed for the junior set. ...more
This is timely for this week as many schools in our area celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. ...more

3,672 Stitches

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite:

The Search for the Perfect (insert object here)

Buttons. Names. Patterns.Recently, I've found myself looking for things all the time! For example, as of now I'm attempting to sew a jumper from a pattern for a cousin of mine. After working on it for quite some time, I have definitely gotten impatient, and maybe cut some rather important corners. I did both of the buttonholes before I found a button. Disaster. So when I did find buttons that matched, they were far too big. So, for me, it's back to the drawing board!...more

Sewing a Mini Bag/ The Mess on the Inside

     I found the cutest bag pattern a week or so ago, and I knew I had to make it. What better way to procrastinate on my novel than by taking on a sewing project? To date, I've now made 5 of them. In April. When I'm supposed to be working hard on my novel. I also sewed a dress, made repairs on a skirt and a super hero cape, and worked on a quilt, but who's counting? ...more

Diaper Clutch Made From A Placemat

This will sound weird but in order to complete this project you need to do something really unusual.  You need to find a cute placemat with a pattern on it that you like and wouldn’t mind carrying around in public! I’m serious.  This is going to be a nice little pouch for you to have when you are in a store, in the Library or at Church and you need to run out with the baby and change them but you don’t want to drag the whole gigantic diaper bag with you....more

Make Your Someone Special a Finger Knit Flower Bouquet

Mother's Day, Administrative Assistant's Day, so many days coming up that call for flowers. You could hit the florist, or you could hit the craft store and make a bouquet that will last until next year. ...more
Oh! We're going to give this a try! So charming -- thanks Vickie Howell :-)more

How to Sew a Monogrammed Needle Booklet

A few weeks ago, I wrote this Sewing Kit Essentials post. A handful of you asked about the size of the kit, where I got it and how often I carry it around with me. ...more
Wow!!! What a honor! Thank your for featuring my post. It means a lot. Off to celebrate :)more