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Owl Hats: Easy, Adaptable

Easy, fun and comfortable. Since my wool is thicker and I used an N- 9 mm hook,  I adapted the pattern but followed the basic ideas of this free pattern.

Everyone Loves Hooded Cowls

These hooded cowls are so easy to crochet without resorting to a pattern. I picked up the basic idea of how to make a hooded cowl from this pattern, but I have made adjustments.  For a one-year-old child, chain 35 stitches with thick yarn such as Bernat Blanket Yarn using an N-9mm hook, make a magic circle and double crochet three rows for the neck. Reduce the stitches by 10 for the face area and make 6 more rows....more

6 Craft Blogs to Follow for Fabulous Thanksgiving Ideas

Whether you're looking for kids' crafts, tablescapes, or Thanksgiving decor, these blogs are a treasure trove of DIY holiday help. ...more

Colorful crochet blankets

Be A Crafter xDThese free crochet blanket patterns are made with beautiful stitches, bright and sweet colors for the coldest days. Keep you warm in these colorful cozy blankets!...more

Spooky fun crochet wearables for Halloween

Be A Crafter xDHilarious and a bit creepy! We have cute and fast crochet pattern like spock ears to big and fab like a Viking costume. These must be great crochet projects on your list for this Halloween....more

Blanket Yarn Adult Mitts and Scarf

I adapted a pattern which used a slip stitch for the entire mitt. Instead, I worked 4 rows of slip stitch for a cuff and then changed to a double stitch. I used an I hook or 9, also called 5.5mm and thick blanket yarn by Bernat. These are my first full mitts and were so easy and made up quickly. basic free pattern was found on ravelery...more

knitting binder [diy]

  Keeping up w...more
sayitrahshay Me too. Me tooooooooooooo.more

DIY Pillow Covers from Old Shirts

Today’s project is something I’m really excited about–pillow covers from old shirts! This is an amazing project that anyone can do, and it results in beautiful, unique, and even sentimental home decor. I also did this at a great time–it’s been pretty cold here in Georgia (yay!) and these pillow covers add a warmth to my living room that the old ones just didn’t.And if you’re concerned because you can’t sew, no worries. I’ll get to that. ...more


We set the clocks back an hour this weekend.  Apparently that was the end of daylight savings time.  I never know the difference - just that we have to move the clocks back or forward.  Every year, for the whole the day before we move the clocks, Paul walks around saying things like, "It's 5 o'clock, but really it's 4 o'clock"  or "It's 11pm but really it's 10pm so it's still early" as a way of gearing up for it.  Then the whole day after we change the clocks, I walk around saying, "It's 11am but gee, it ...more

How to Make Your Own Maternity Jeans

Almost two years ago, I broke the zipper on a pair of my jeans (I've never done this before or since, happily), and I thought, "WHAT could you possibly do with a pair of jeans with a broken zipper?" And then I remembered that I'd made myself a pair of maternity jeans once upon a time, and this pair might be a chance for me to do it again, now that I knew a little better what I was doing. So I stashed them away for many many months until I was pregnant again....more
I wish I had seen this when I was pregnant with my daughter. Would've made wearing jeans more ...more