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Crochet sun hat for kids

Be A Crafter xD Crochet sun hat for your little ones - free patterns round up!...more

“Crochet is a Magnificent Adventure “

"Crocheting is a magnificent adventure that opens  the doors to your wildest dreams and creativity " Marie -Noelle  Bayard...more

Summer crochet tank tops for women

Be A Crafter xDFree crochet tank top patterns for women...more

Stylish crochet headbands for a day out

Be A Crafter xD Free crochet headband patterns for ladies. ...more

Stunning crochet shawls for Summer nights

Be A Crafter xDFree crochet shawl patterns for cool Summer night out....more

Shawl for a Hundredth Birthday

My 61 year-old husband’s grandmother is turning 100 in a couple of weeks!!  This a woman who got a speeding ticket at  90 years old after buying a red sports car. She lived alone in her own home until 96 when she fell and broke her hip.I thought a shawl would be the perfect gift to brighten up even sleep or lounge wear for someone in a wheel chair. I did not want it too long, warm or wide so that was easy to use sitting inside....more

Fabulous Fridays

My  local quilt shop has been hosting retreat days called "Fabulous Fridays"- where the shop is open for 12 hours.  For a modest fee, you reserve a space and get dinner.In case you haven't guessed yet, there was one yesterday.  (And I attended).  I was determined to come home with at least one finished product.Success!I finished my Wee Wander firefly quilt top.I nearly finished by "Jewels in the Curio" top.  I left one of the 4 middle border pieces at home, so I hit a stopping point....more
There are no images in this particular post. I'm not sure what you mean by it appearing with a ...more

An Innovative Pattern: Scrappy Clutch, Purse or Tote!

This pattern was originally for an over the shoulder purse but I fold one side in half to make a crocheted clutch. I love this adaptable pattern because it uses up scrap yarn of any thickness,  adjusts to any size of hook  and is the basic pattern for any size of bag that you might wish to create....more

Using Stitch Pattern Multiples to Calculate the Starting Chain

Have you ever seen a pattern with a stitch pattern multiple? Or a starting chain formula?Basically it will look like this:Chain a multiple of 8 + 2 chainsThis means:...more

From Jeans to Cut Offs

  If you're anything like me (a hoarder) you have plenty of jeans sitting around that are destined for greater things, or maybe just cutoffs... that works too. Since moving from Washington to Florida this summer I decided it was time to finally transform those jeans I've had for the past 7-8 years....more