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Pinkies Up - Time to Embroider Some Downton Abbey Tea Towels

[Editor's Note: When I first set eyes on these Downton Abbey embroidery patterns designed by April Heather Art on Kitschy Digitals my tea sipping PBS watching heart skipped a beat. Just when I thought things could not get any better I find out that BlogHer's own Katie Canavan was the woman behind the needle who stitched up these genius embroidered tea towels. I'm thinking of using the downloadable embroidery patterns for a his and her Ana and Bates pillowcase set. Here is the whole backstory on Kitschy Digital's owner Danielle's blog. - Jen]...more

Calling All Ferris Bueller Fans - Free Pattern for a Sloane Jacket

[Editor's Note: Most mommies over 30 know and love the movie Ferris Buellers Day Off. I could recite almost every word. We also remember Sloane in her cool white leather fringed jacket. Oh Sloane how I wanted to be you. If my son was a girl his name was going to be Tigerlily Sloane. I liked her that much. When I laid eyes on a pattern for a fleece version of this jacket made for a little girl my heart went all aflutter. I suddenly wanted to dust off my sewing machine and make one for my daughter Tallulah and one for myself. I may be almost 20 years older than Sloane was in that movie, but I can still rock a white fringed jacket wit the best of them. - Jen]...more
Is there a Ferris vest to go with this? Please? :)more

Granny Squares Are So Passe' - Learn How to Crochet a Granny Hexagon

[Editor's Note: Lisa from a Polka Dot Cottage is having a crochet along on her blog. Everyone is invited to join Lisa in crocheting their own cozy Lakeside Forest Blanket. The foundation of this blanket is a granny hexagon. I have heard of a granny square, but a granny hexagon was new to me. Either way Lisa has a whole tutorial on her blog with oodles of wonderful step by step pictures. You will be whipping up hexagons in no time flat. - Jen]...more
I learned by making granny circles. my great aunt didn't know how to make corners....more

Trendy Chevron Rugs Are Expensive - Why Not Make Your Own

[Editor's Note: Katy from Sweet Verbena is starting to furnish her apartment. Like many of us she just had a rude awakening about how much rugs costs. Even 'cheap' machine rugs are not that cheap. This crafty lady was not going to let something like expense come between her and a chic chevron rug. Oh no. Prices be damned, Katy just decided to get all DIY about it and sew her own. You can too if you pop over to her blog and follow her handy dandy tutorial. - Jen]...more

Pretty in Pink Pom Pom Curtains

[Editor's Note: Raechel you had me at hot pink pom pom fringe. I recently popped over to read Finding My Feet and was greeted with a picture of the most gorgeous fringe I have seen in a good long while. You could put fringe like this on an old holey paper sack and it would make it fabulous. Raechel shows you that plain old white curtains are instantly interesting with a pop of color. - Jen]...more
Nah. I don't like retro but I love them too! 'Cause they're Purty.more

Sew a Bra That Fits You

[Editor's Note: I have never been professionally fitted for a bra but I hear it can be a life altering experience. Every time I hear of someone being fitted they realize they have been wearing the wrong size bra for years. This is exactly what happened to Novita from A Very Purple Person. Most people would run out to Victoria's Secret and call it a day, but not this sassy seamstress. Just like a throw pillow, purse or ruffled baby bloomers you can sew your bra and panties set. - Jen]...more
Interesting topic choice. I never would have thought to sew my own lingerie.more

DIY Turkey Placemats

[Editor's Note: Remember as a kid you were always forced to sit at a separate table with all the other small fries? If your going to banish the kids you might as well make them a spiffy placemat of their very own. Sure the centerpiece at the adult table needs to be just right, but don't underestimate the entertainment value of a handmade turkey placemat for the kiddlets. - Jen]...more

Ornate Mini Quilt

[Editor's Note: Anything involving Liberty of London fabric is alright by me. I may not quilt, but this adorable and ornate mini quilt might be just the inspiration I need to start. I love the way the colors pop against the gray and the curves of the pattern created by Christina of The Sometimes Crafter.- Jen]...more

DIY Doll Tutu

[Editor's Note: Tulle tutus are surprisingly easy to make. I have made them for my toddler many of times. Bonnggamom had the bright idea to make one for her daughter's American Doll. But wait, there is more - she made the tutu in candy corn colors for Halloween! I'm thinking maybe I will make a candy corn colored tutu for my daughter and a matching one for her favorite stuffed dinosaur. - Jen]...more
She's super cute, Lisa Woodward Harsma - Denisemore

DIY Festive Flannel Fall Pumpkin

[Editor's Note: Flannel shirts are no longer just for Grungers or Lumberjacks. Crafters have taken notice and started incorporating this look into their fall themed projects. Flannel shirts are a dime a dozen at the thrift store, why not pick a print in fall colors and sew it into a pumpkin. - Jen]...more
Love this idea!more