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Photo: Far and Filters

Trying to get caught up on NaBloPoMo posts today. I'm combining two in one with this pic to show "Far" and "Filter Me This." This glass block wall flanking one side of the sidewalk with trees on the other side seems to go on forever! Used the VSCOCam Sepia filter....more

FF - I heart Richard Bach

I believe it was my mother who first introduced me to Richard Bach, via Jonathan Livingston Seagull....more

Your Photos This Week: Composition and Focus

I've really enjoyed participating in and viewing your NaBloPoMo prompt photos which we paired with this month's BlogHer University lesson in photography. The photos you're sharing always encourage me to look at prompts and life with different eyes. ...more
Beautiful examples of the prompts, Jenna.  It always amazes me that interpretations are as ...more

Easy DIY Instagram Magnets

I have taken thousands of photos on my phone. Tens of thousands. And I've shared many of them with the world through my Instagram feed. But once I put them out there, they get shuffled to my Instagram archive and out of my mind....more
Thanks bichonpawz!more

How to Get Your Photos Accepted to Foodgawker

Getting your photos accepted to Foodgawker is something that a lot of us struggle with as food bloggers, but I promise it's not as hard as they make it out to be. Getting your photos accepted to Foodgawker is tough at first, until you figure out what they're looking for. Then you can get ahead of the game and post photos that you know will be accepted. Since I have an 80% acceptance rate on the site, I'm here to eliminate the trial-by-error for you. Instead of you having to figure out what Foodgawker is looking for yourself, I'll just tell you. ...more
Great tips and easy to understand! Maybe I will try to submit to Foodgawker and see how it goes. ...more

Wordless Wednesday - Growing among rocks wild flowers

A series of three photographs that show wildflowers growing among the rocksClick here to see all three photographs...more

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your DSLR's Autofocus With Focus Modes

If you've ever tried to read the manual that came with your DSLR, you might have walked away feeling like you tried to read something in a foreign language. ...more

Data Backup Plan for Wedding Photography Images

Data Backup Plan For Wedding Photography ImagesAs a professional photographer, having a data backup plan for the digital images captured is beyond essential. Add to that the "it-can't-be-done-over" aspect of wedding photography, and the need for redundancy becomes paramount. Every photographer I know appreciates this. That said, I also don't really know of any two photographers that use the same exact data backup plan....more

MM – Picture day, Dad

Today would have been my father's eighty-eighth birthday, had we not lost him in 2001 to the horrific disease that is Alzheimer's. In my attempts to organize the many boxes of family photos, I've discovered some of his old black and white snaps. Unfortunately, I don't have any information about the pictures, other than what they show. Double unfortunately, I know he had tons of pictures like these, but I get the sneaking suspicion they were lost in a basement flood back in 2004....more

Photo: Candid Shots

Ever photograph a subject without their knowing? I certainly have. It's called "getting a candid shot," and can result in the most honest photos of people, catching them off-guard and natural. No hammy poses, no cheesy grins.I recently got this shot:...more