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Photo A Day Challenge - August 1-16, 2014

The August Photo A Day Challenge is only half over, but already I think it's one of my favourite months yet. For whatever reason I've been really satisfied with several of the shots I've taken, and have felt as though my creativity has been bending and stretching. It's a good feeling, and I'm enjoying it while it lasts! ...more


It is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and unfortunately, the "fantastic" and "scary" (and sometimes untrue) takes precedence, so I thought I'd show you some of the sharks I have known and loved!  I had an overly exciting minute with a Great White, but other than that, my experiences with sharks have been of awe, but not fear.  They really are not the man eating, evil creatures depicted on most of shark week....more

Using Your Camera in Business

Photo Friday: Moody

It didn't take long at all for me to decide which of my shots to use for today's Photo Friday prompt! I took this one in May when we were outside doing some cleanup in the back yard, with Oscar and Felix supervising from Peter's office window. ...more

Foto Friday - Sunsets

In my opinion, sunsets are just one of the most beautiful parts of nature. Depending on the season, the appearance of the sky or the landscape, they can be so different. Whenever we travel, I always make it a point to take in at least one sunset; several if I get the chance! Included below are some of my favorites through the years.Enjoy!...more

Organize your photos - 5 tips to save you from disorganization!

Photos are a great way to document events, families and lives. But if you can't access or even find the photos, then having all of those photos do you no good! Check out these tips for organizing photos and even some helpful scrapbooking tips at the end!...more

Beautiful Scenic Hike You Need Try In Yellowstone

Trout Lake TrailIf you've never been to Yellowstone National Park, I suggest you do. It has been a tradition of mine since 2011 and since then I just can't get enough of it....more

Flying High

What I've Been UpTo - Buzz FlyingPicture by Buzz Flying...more

Photo Friday: From Nature

Just a few weeks ago, in response to the Photo Friday "Green" prompt, I shared a recent picture I'd taken of ivy covering the decrepit Walker Power Plant building. Today's prompt reminded me of another photo I took a couple of years ago. As you'll see, it's the same building - but this time the ruins have been given a beauty treatment "From Nature" in a whole new colour palette! ...more

DIY Wooden Food Photography Boards

Hey everyone! Recently I’ve been trying to upgrade my blog a little bit– making things look more professional and clean cut. I knew I needed to start working on my food photography! For the longest time I wanted to make some plank boards for food backdrops, so a couple weeks ago I finally got to it. ...more