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Photo: Candid Shots

Ever photograph a subject without their knowing? I certainly have. It's called "getting a candid shot," and can result in the most honest photos of people, catching them off-guard and natural. No hammy poses, no cheesy grins.I recently got this shot:...more

Spring, in full burst

Maybe it was too much Alice and Wonderland as a kid, but I can't help anthropomorphizing flowers. Like this hydrangea, which looks like it has a chorus of little mouths shouting to high heaven. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this....more

9 Things Photography Experts Do That You Can Start Doing Today

As an online photography instructor, I'm often asked by amateur photographers some variation of the same question: "How can I take better pictures without breaking the bank on a fancy-shmancy camera?"It's a great question, because I really believe that it's just a matter of training your eye to see things more artistically -- not how much money you spend on your camera gear. (But if your dearest aunt really wants to buy you a pricey, top-of-the-line camera, by all means, encourage her generosity!)...more
AcornOakForest, thanks, and glad to help! Bokeh really is a lot of fun--let me know when you try it!more

Creating the Perfect Shot: Basic Composition for Beginning Photographers

Ask any photographer to tell you what the best kind of camera is, and you’re likely to get the same answer: the one you have with you. Seem too simple? It’s not. The easiest way to learn how to take good pictures is to keep taking pictures until you start to get better. The more accessible your camera is, the more likely you are to reach for it when the perfect photo presents itself....more
good tips!more

Avoid These Top 6 Wedding Photography Mistakes

Avoid These Top 6 Wedding Photography MistakesTop notch wedding photography doesn't just happen, it comes from doing your research and learning how to avoid these top 6 wedding photography mistakes.Using the stories and real-world experiences of others who have been through the process, and learning from them, is of potentially very high value....more

PHOTO: Good Things Come In Threes

They say good things come in threes. Well, my husband is the middle boy of three, there's the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs and here's a nice trio of soft lights.Thanks for reading! What have you noticed in threes? Let me know in the comments!Ciao! Paula...more

PHOTO: My Energy

Quick post for NaBloPoMo- my Energy:Not the most original, but this was when I was first learning how to use my iPad and Instagram. Early morning breakfast shot!Thanks for reading! What gives you energy? Let me know in the comments.Ciao! Paula...more

PHOTO: The Golden Hour

I was about to pop down into the BART station to go home for the day when this shot caught my eye. There was no way I was going home without taking a photo!...more

Let there be light.

I have a big thing about light--my apartment is lit in a particular way, with ambient and decorative light throughout each room (even the bathroom). I love natural light and big windows that let it in. My favorite kind of light is morning light. I want a place someday that faces east instead of west so it comes pouring in every morning! Light is one of my favorite things and I have to have my living space full of it, in just the right way. ...more

The beautiful St. Augustine.

   As I promised in the last post “The day I lost my badge of honor”..... Here are my favorite pictures from the beautiful and historical St. ...more