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Moving Snow Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday a series of three photographs on how we move snow in Ontario CanadaClick here ...more

Spring is Coming

Wordless Wednesday a series of three photographs on the topic of Spring is ComingClick here to see all three pictures...more

FF - I heart birds

Happy Friday the 13th! In honor of this lucky day, and to help justify my latest obsession... err, I mean, hobby, I'm sharing thirteen of my favorite and most recent bird photos (out of the approximately three hundred on my computer). See, kids - Mommy doesn't need an intervention, and she's not a crazy bird lady. I'm sharing them on my blog, so they serve a purpose... right?...more

MM - Grumpy bird is grumpy

As Snowpocalypse 2015 continues here in New Hampshire, this was the general mood amongst the birds today -I agree with you, birds. Oh, I agree... *sigh*~TraciTraci York, Author (formally, "Confessions of an Internet G33k")...more

Photography in Busan, South Korea

Sometimes you find beauty in conventional places. Othertimes, you have to trek off the beaten path. And sometimes, just sometimes you stumble upon it on accident or it falls into your lap. We stumbled upon this by accident and it also happened to be way off the beaten path. So much so that we got stopped by a local who was wondering why on earth we were exploring this part of the city. But let me back up....more

Comfort Food: The Secret to Surviving Winter

The secret to surviving Canadian winter? Comfort food! There's another snow storm raging out there but no worries here at home because we've got my hubby's hearty beef stew to keep us warm. It's so delicious with a little French baguette and butter. Ooo, baby. So lucky to have a husband who cooks because the way to this woman's heart is through her lens, then her stomach....more

6 Tips on Organizing Family Photos Every Mom Needs to Know

“Feeling liberated from the stress and guilt of ignoring my photos for years, I found the process so enjoyable that I began to create photo narratives for family and friends.” —Isabelle DervauxDo you take tons of photos but aren’t so good at figuring what to do with them afterwards? Are your precious memories scattered in your email, random folders on your computer and shoved in kitchen drawers? Featured mom Isabelle Dervaux began working as a professional photo organizer after conquering the chaos of her own family’s photos....more

Photographing on White: A beautiful compliment to food photography

Photographing on white is a clean, calm and beautiful compliment to food photography.Someone recently asked me if I like photographing on white and I understand why. I've got a lot of that barn-wood-thing going on. My clients like it and they ask for it. I like it too, but I also like whites. A large part of my home decor is whites, and when it comes to food photography I love that whole Donna Hay look a lot....more

Photography for Handmade Soap

Soap Photography Tips I'm feeling rather verbose today... And I'll try and curtail that feeling, and after nine years of photography, this is what I've learned. Tip #1  While photographing soap, if you want to get rid of cracks, contours, blemishes - over expose. This is called "high key". This can be done with flashes, camera settings or post editing in software. Tip#2 To photograph details in your soap amplify the above, to create shadows. Shadows show contrast. ...more

One More (Easy) Frozen Valentine Idea

Valentine's Day is so much fun when you have little ones....more