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Create Your Stock Photo Portfolio

Listen, nowadays we all have a camera with us almost all of the time. Whether you are working, playing, or just sitting around, your phone is usually in your hand or pocket, right? So why are you going to stock photos for your blogs? The time that it takes to search for the appropriate photo for your post could be used searching for your own image that tells the story. You can do it!...more
@Valerie A I totally agree with you, seeing things with new eyes! Adding your own photo to your ...more

Photo Editing Fads: What Was I Thinking?

Editor's Note: Bailey from Let Birds Fly takes a look at some of the photography fads you may have indulged in and asks you to consider which ones might stand the test of time. She has great photos to illustrate each fad so you can really see what she's talking about. -Virginia ...more
One very high-profile blogger immediately comes to mind--she's still addicted to ALL of those ...more

6 Tips for Catching Great Head Shots of Kids

What's the secret to capturing images of children that make them look as fabulous and beautiful as they really are? Clickin Moms has 6 tips for creating great close ups of kids in Creative Headshots by Elana Blair. ...more

PHOTOS OF YOU: Instagram Thinks A Thousand Words Isn't Enough

Instagram added PHOTOS OF YOU recently, which means you can now tag the people you’re brunching with in the photo of your eggs benedict. It seems Mark Zuckerberg’s assurances that Instagram would not become Facebook were something we weren’t supposed to remember? ...more

Dominican Republic (part 1)

So as you guys know, my husband and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary in the Dominican Republic.  We stayed at Casa de Campo, near La Romana.  We have a really lovely vacation in every way.  Quick direct flights in and out, crazy delicious food, plenty of space at the beach and pool, lovely room -- really everything was top notch.  The pe...more

Yahoo! Weather. Yes, Weather, And a Lot More, Too

I abandoned my regular iPhone weather app without a backward glance when I installed Yahoo! Weather the other day. It only took me about two seconds to fall in love with Yahoo! Weather, which is available for both iOS and Adroid. Here are my reasons why. ...more
Very cool! I'm definitely getting this app. Thanks for sharing it.more

A walk through Brighton and the Cuckoo Trail

This February I stayed at Becky’s in East Sussex. One day we shot a roll of film with my Pentax K1000.We walked by the sea in Brighton and found a pretty doorway.Most of that hair of mine is gone now, weird!...more

Photography Tutorial: Adjusting White Balance in Photos

Editor's Note: Laura at Family Spice walks you through a step by step process for improving the white balance in your photos in this easy tutorial. She starts with a too-yellow photo and ends up with one that really sparkles. -Virginia ...more
Thanks for sharing, I use Adobe Photoshop on occasion to edit my food pictures but I am just ...more

The Kitchen Think: Stop Taking Pictures of Everything You Eat!

Mama’s done it many times. I’m sure you have, too… at least once. Now I’ve come to believe it’s just plain rude.  Taking cell phone photos of your food in restaurants. ...more