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God In The City: Tuesday Sightings

In the northern part of India, ‘Tuesdays’ hold a very special meaning to a great bunch of believers. Hindus, mostly. As a result, people reserve some or the other kind weekly humanitarian pursuits for the day. Often, it is done in order to bribe the almighty in the hope of a ‘better’ life ahead. The irony of the future is such that, while everybody hopes for better, but they know no better in terms of ‘karma’ !The picture too, depicts one of such “pursuits” in action....more

Art Everyday

Today, I took some time, to look at some pictures, I had taken with my camera.I still can’t figure out, the settings on how to use it, properly. So, I tend to experiment with different filters. Along, with editing the color, exposure and sharpening these photos.I’am  often, surprised, that, I can make a bit of art from them! Chiefly , because, it’s a photo , that I was going to delete. So, I, thought I’d join my, Insta- Friend: ~ Leah Piken Kolidas....more

Daydream Believer

On Sunday I took a walk.  The weather was perfect for a November Mid-west day.  Warm and sunny.  I went to a park just a couple of blocks away.  Here is what I saw -...more


San Pedro de Atacama is located in the northern part of Chile, and it is the driest place on earth.  It has the most gorgeous landscape – a lovely desert with pockets of greenery.  Depending on the time of day that you go, you might be lucky and see pink flamingos when visiting the Salar de Atacama (giant salt lake) . The sunsets are also breathtaking.  San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most memorable places for me, as it was the first place I visited on my own when I lived in Chile....more

Thank you, veterans!

Thank you, veterans! I'm in Portland for a job interview, feeling especially grateful for the privilege of travel and freedom of expression. Just a quick word of gratitude to all of the veterans, past and present, who have made those privileges possible. Thank you for your service! ...more

Hanging On

A bit of snow forecast for this coming week.   Waning little roses.  See you in the spring.Enjoy!cate b...more

NaBloPoMo Day 9 - Habit Forming

I am definitely enjoying NaBloPoMo so far, that is if enjoy is the best word. There's certainly a thrill in the challenge....more

Sun Salutation (WPC: Habit)

This week, show us something that’s a HABIT. Capture a moment both constant and fleeting. During my daily commute, I normally pull over to admire and snap pictures of the sun rising at Kumukahi in the early morning sky. My route includes places to stop and watch the sun's beams pierce through and illuminate beautiful patterns from behind cloud formations....more

Fall in the desert

A sunny afternoon at Arizona State University's...more

Day 8 - Dawn's Early Light

Don't know why, but I've always been a morning person.I love sunrises more than I do sunsets.They hold such promise...So many possibilities...You're clothed in darkness, then slowly, softlythe dawn breaks. ...more