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Sneaky Goannas

  Crawling through the grassWith the sun upon my scales ...more

Intro to iPhoneography: Shooting Apps. Which, Why, and How

Editor's Note: Photographer Veronica Armstrong suggests some iPhone apps that can help you raise your iPhone photographs to a new level of quality. She shows you some of her own photos as examples of what can be done. - Virginia ...more
“@BlogHer: Oh, shiny toys! iPhoneography Shooting Apps: Which, Why, and How ...more

Are You Game For a Photo A Day Challenge?

[Editor's Note: Lists, prompts, suggestions - whatever you call them I love them. There seem to be so many floating around these days all you have to do is pick your poison. Are you a cook aspiring to be a Vegan? There is a veggie a day list for you. My latest crafty escapades have me dabbling in art journaling and you better bet I can find a prompt a day on the internet encouraging me to try a new medium. A photo a day is nothing new, but the lists that Amy Huntley from The Idea Room has come up with is what makes it special. You can follow along on Instagram and see what everyone else has on the floor, in their fridge or on their head. - Jen]...more
@BlogHer is it to late to start?! Love this!more

Expose Yourself: Unconditional Friendship

 “Expose Yourself” ...more

How to Create a Watermark Using PicMonkey {In the Dark Room}

I’m not a professional photographer, but I play one on my blog. Hahahaha I kill me. The hubs says I’m only funny to myself and the girl I shared a uterus with {that would be my twin sister} but I think I’m hilarious. Anyway, for the longest time, I’ve been “watermarking” my images by typing text over the picture and then saving it. Tedious, I tell ya. And pretty inconsistent as far as branding goes. So I started looking for an easier way to “stamp” my images and, lo and behold, it was sitting right there in front of me all this time: PICMONKEY!!!!!! ...more
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My Life According To Instagram, As of Lately

Because, who is not addicted to Instagram these days? It seems to be how I'm documenting my life more lately than not, so here we go! ...more

Photography on a Rainy Day

It’s been raining cats and dogs all week.Soon, I’ll be rowing my way to the letter box each day. ...more
The macro shots on these pictures are amazing! I love using a macro lens to capture life ...more

Faux Canvas Wall Art

Source: via ...more

Women and Video: How to Get Into the Game

Women inspire me. Seeing women using video and sharing their stories inspires me even more. Just recently I was moved by a video of Nepalese women who were learning video production in order to share how climate change has impacted their lives. I was touched by their curiosity, desire to learn, and hopes for the future. All of this brought about through video. ...more

BlogHer Food Interviews: Pro Food Photography on the Fly

This particular BlogHer Food '13 interview made me simultaneously hungry and inspired to pick up my camera. So often food bloggers have such amazing photos that I figure they must spend hours upon hours not only cooking but photographing and editing. The panelists of our Pro Food Photography on the Fly shared a few tips about keeping it easy (and real) when I asked them this question: Would you kindly share one of your "On the Fly" photos with us and share how you achieved that look? It might inspire attendees to realize they can achieve great photos relatively easily!...more
Awesome tips. I'm trying to work on my photography skills. I just use the iphone 5 for now, as I ...more