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Last Meal in Tuscany

After we visited Lucca, we headed to Rughi in Tuscany for lunch.  The drive was a little freaky, the roads are one way and in some places very narrow.  We arrived at  this farmhouse Tenuta Gaetano Spadaro, for lunch and a stroll around their property afterward. ...more
 @motherofnine9 all photos taken with either iPhone 4s, Nikon coolpix S1000, or nikon d800 dslr ...more

Tips for Photographing and Processing Silhouettes

A good photo using a silhouette can be so dramatic and effective! Courtney Keim has some tips for how to take good shots, and how to process them afterwards to make them really pop. She wrote at Clickin Moms, ...more
I struggle with silhouettes myself, so I loved these tips. Thank you!more

Beautiful Lucca Italy

Lucca, Lucca, Lucca.  I loved it there.  The walking pace was faster than my liking once again.  How do you get a chance to really shoot if you have to walk fast to keep up?  Anyway, Lucca was mostly flat once you got into the town, through the walls that protect the little city.     ...more
 @victorias_view no, dreaming is a good thing!  :)more

BlogHer '12: iPhoneography Panel Resources

BlogHer 2012 iPhoneography Panel Resources Follow us with the hashtag: #iPhoneBlogHer12 Panelists: ...more
Camera Awesome is another great app. more

Lazio: Private lunch and Pasta Making

Oh, writing about my travels is helping me relive the experience but it's wearing me out in a different way.  At least my legs aren't tired.  Nor is my back screaming!  But emotionally, I'm toast!...more
 @elaineR.N. I know I'm hungry too, and this is late night dinner Monday for us, we don't eat ...more

Gandolfo, Italy: Where Pope Benedict is Headed For Vacation

In light of Pope Benedict XVI's recent retirement, I thought I would dust this post off. Gandolfo is where Pope Benedict is headed today, for a much needed vacation. I was a little nervous about today's nine hour excursion, about my ability to do it.  The excursion guide said it was the equivalent of 1800 yards, but it was more like 1800 miles.  Just kidding, it wasn't that far, but it was a lot of walk, and a lot of walk at an incline which really makes my back twitch and complain.  ...more
How thoughtful of you to repost these beautiful photos for all of us to enjoy.  No doubt the ...more

A Free iPhone Photography Class from

Have you ever thought you might like to take a course at Well, there's a free one you may be interested in. Corvida Raven from She Geeks has all the details for you. She explains, ...more

Civitavecchia, Rome The Catacombs

Ahh I feel sad just like I did the last few days on the ship, our cruise is winding down now with only a handful of ports left to visit. goodbye Napoli We arrived in Civitavecchia, Rome on Monday Morning.  ...more
@HomeRearedChef I'm so glad you are reading and enjoying the photos! :)more

Napoli, Pizza and Piazzas

We were well rested and ready to go on our Naples excursion.  The tour I picked for the day was "A Taste of Naples: PIZZAS & PIAZZAS".  It was a four hour tour that took us to the heart of Naples and dropped us off in front of the Piazza Plebiscito....more