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A Sense of HIstory, Please? ...more

"Little Worlds" - Creative Photoshop Tutorial

I spend a lot of time surfing the net for photographic inspiration - and there's a lot of it out there. From the moment I discovered "Little Worlds" I was fascinated by them. These are truly stunning little works of photo-editing art.For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm going to assume you already know how to stitch together a panorama. Feel free to ask me if you don't, and I'll write an entry for you....more

... Because I Couldn't Stop for a Photograph.

When driving, I sometimes feel as if I am standing still, and the world is moving past me.This is especially true at dawn.Yesterday the trees were coated in a thick layer of powdery snow. It lay over the branches, a soft white shrug worn by each tree according to their individual fashion sense. I loved the deep green pines sweeping their bristles down under the contrasting fluff. I loved the way the powder piled up on the bare branches of midwinter oaks down by the lake....more
Mmm, this is lovely. I forced myself to stop the other day and snap a photo of a sunset, a ...more

It Will Never End,Never!

I am in the process of scanning all my photos into computer files.  Years upon years upon years!! You don’t realize what you take photos of until you yank out your photo albums. All.At. Once!...more
@Lucy's Reality Hubby and I are planning to go through our boxed stuff this summer, and I am ...more

Photo Excursion: Button Rock Dam path, Lyons CO

I went twic on this hike over two weekends. I love winter hiking so much.Read more here. ...more

A Segment of a Sunset

beautiful :)more

Project Life Weeks 3 and 4

Hello friends!  I'm so happy you stopped by!  I have been working more on Project Life, and as promised, will show you today what's been going on with that.  I have been having fun with this! The last two weeks I have done traditionally, and can really see the benefits of scrapbooking this way.  I need to tell you that everything in my life seems to work in 10-15 minute increments. It's no wonder Moms have ADD or ADHD, because every time we get involved in something, a kid interrupts and leads us away!...more

Introducing Pixlr for Online Photo Editing

Editor's Note: Desirae from Sommerfugl Design finds all kinds of ways your can edit your photos without using Photoshop. Her latest find is a free online tool called Pixlr. Check it out. -Virginia ...more
@GoodGirlStyle I believe you can also connect it with facebook, flickr, and other places as well :)more