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Day 29 - It's Dixie's Birthday!

Dixie my Australian shepherd turns 2 today... love this dog....**Views do not reflect any physician group, hospital, or any professional institutions or associations with which I am affiliated.  ...more

Flying turkeys!

 I know I've been home alone too long when I start to talk to the dog....more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected & Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letters

Street Sign.  Photo Credit: David Rodriguez ...more

Phoneography Challenge: Architecture

Subject: Gateway ArchLocation: Missouri, St. LouisPhone: Samsung Galaxy S3Apps: InstagramPhoneography Challenge: The Phone As Your Lens | ...more

Fly Girl in Training: Flying a Bonanza over the Golden Gate Bridge

 Flying a Beech Bonanza over San Francisco at sunset....more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

I woke up this morning to something I didn’t expect……There was snow on the ground.Sure, it was in the forecast.  And as a self-professed weather nerd, I knew it was in the forecast.Sure, I live in Canada.  Snow in late November isn’t unheard of….. unless you live in the banana belt.I know… we don’t grow bananas here…. so it’s not ACTUALLY the banana belt… but the fact is, since I’ve lived where I live now, I don’t see snow all that often compared to most of the rest of Canada....more

A grateful heart: Breathtaking sky views

 Breathtaking sky views: Flying over the Rocky Mountains on the way to Denver....more

Photos: A day in Washington D.C.

When I heard the National Communication Association annual conference would be in Washington, D.C., all I thought was: "I'M VISITING THE SMITHSONIAN!" And "Woo woo academic research," of course. Ahem....more

Floral Friday Fotos November 22, 2013

Yellow HibiscusWhile visiting the local clinic in Hilo, we came across a lovely hedge made out of hibiscus....more

Photo Blog

The best part about playing with photography and the editing that goes with it. Is, that I can use it as a sign of  my productivity, of that day. Also, it’ s an easy post, with little words. Mainly, because  I’am tired today.Also, if you’d like to view other artist work please, go to: Creative Every Day . By: Leah Piken Kolidas ...more