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Family Photo's 2013

 This year since we bought a house and money was a little tighter than we had anticipated with things that were beyond our control, we decided we didn't have the money to have our photo's professionally taken, so we opted for the next best thing, we'd do them ourselves!  By no means do we call ourselves photographers, we just wanted something decent we could send out in our holiday card this year. ...more

Some of my Fave discoveries from Today

Today I spent some time sumbling around the internet, scrolling through pins on Pinterest. (this website is a life sucker but I LOVE it sooo much.) This was, of course, after I had done some work for the day. I edited writings and photo's, made notes, organized my writings and planned out some future creative prompts. So, I got to enjoy some internet playtime. Here are some cool things I found....more

Samsung NX300 Digital Camera, Unbelievable Features

The market for digital cameras is crowded and it is not often we feel there is a true front-runner however the Samsung NX300 may have changed that.  The features in Samsung’s latest digital camera are impressive.  Continue reading →...more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

To love or loathe this bulbed vegetable? There's no denying the power of the onion. It is the key ingredient in all savoury dishes prepared in my home. ...more

Fulham Palace

I didn't know there was a Palace in Fulham until Bradshaw's Hand Book to London suggested I visit....more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

When I was a kid, we had a gigantic yard (about an acre), and we had some monstrous maple trees.  Naturally, this meant we’d end up with leaves all over the yard as they began to fall off of the trees.  Ordinarily, we had this sweeper behind our riding lawnmower and we’d just drive around and pick up all the leaves – we didn’t have to rake the entire acre....more

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: No. 13

A few years ago, we visited Machu Picchu, Peru.  It was very memorable, especially as we were waiting to enter the park, one of the attendants shouts out last call for those who want to climb Wayna Picchu.  We ran towards the attendant and grabbed our 7 a.m. entrance tickets.  Our group of eight received the last eight slots to climb....more

Through The Green Corridor Into The Past

I didn’t know about the existence of this trail till he mentioned it to me. Its name, The Green Corridor, was immediately appealing and triggered my curiosity, especially after I got to find out more about its historical significances and the sentimental values left behind by the chugging sound of trains long gone....more

Photo A Day Challenge - November 1-15, 2013

Can you believe that November is half over? I sure can't. ...more

Friday Wrap-Up in Pictures

Have a great Friday & weekend! ...more