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Top 5 Tips For Upgrading Your Camera

I get a lot of questions about what kind of camera I have.* (Answer: Nikon D5000- which they don't even make anymore. Now it's the Nikon D5100...I think) If you're looking to step up your photos, yay for you! Photos are an amazing way of capturing your life. Now if you're serious about upgrading, I have some tips for you. Take notes. Cause I'm smart. ...more

Wordless Wednesday

------------------------- ~ Dawn @ Alphabet Salad ...more

I Want To Remember

 This is my way of documenting my little girl's 1st day of Kindergarten. ...more

Tips for Great Vacation Photography

[Editor's Note: Megan Moore at Clickin Moms has some great advice to help you relax and have fun while taking great photos on your vacation. -Virginia] ...more

What You Don’t See

I took this picture last night.  The boys and I finished up Astronomy just last week, so we’ve been talking about the Blue Moon that would happen at the end of August for a couple of months now.  To commemorate the occasion, I told them that I wanted to get a picture of it.  They watched a movie with their dad while I hung out in the backyard to take pictures....more

Why Use Your Camera in Manual Mode?

[You have a great camera, but you use it on Auto Mode. The photos look pretty good. So why learn to use the camera in Manual Mode? Mandy at Harper's Happenings can tell you why to learn about it. -Virginia] ...more

Blographer by Adorama

When I was in NYC for BlogHer12, the first session I attended  was an off-site program put on by Adorama called "Blographer". I am a photoblogger, although I use this term loosely to describe my blog.  I don't write about photography, rather I showcase a photo or two (or ten) in my blogs. This session called to me, as I want to be a better photoblogger and was very interested in learning new ideas.  ...more

Wordless Wednesday

This was my study partner on Monday night... not sure if I should be scared about the one face down further back... do you think my daughter was trying to tell me something? ...more

Wordless Wednesday