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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Smile and say, "Cheese!"In this age of technology, we are constantly taking photos, posting, tweeting, snap chatting, whatever… share our life’s moments.  It is ironic that we are willing to share a photo of what we ate for lunch or a selfie of ourselves in the mirror,  but rarely do we think to take photos of the pancake breakfast we served to raise money for the new stage curtains, or the car wash we sponsored for the baseball team, or the game night we hosted to raise money for books for the library....more

Amazing – Animals In The Womb

These photos are awesome! Baby animals are just beautiful even before they’re born! So here’s a few for you all to see!They aren’t totally real. Producer Peter Chinn used a combination of dimensional ultrasound scans, tiny cameras and computer graphics to create these truly astonishing embryonic images of unborn animals for a National Geographic documentary that aired several years ago....more

Photo A Day Challenge - January 1-15, 2014

So we're midway through the first month of 2014. Did you make any New Year's resolutions? How are you doing with them? While I didn't make any actual resolutions, I do have a few things that are near and dear to my heart which I am hoping to accomplish this year - and I'm getting a good start to one of my creativity-related goals: completing January's Photo A Day Challenge. ...more

Photography: Taking a 233.00 Risk

I'm nervous. I ordered a HUGE canvas of one of my photos. An abstract of bee balm. I got a great discount because I used the code: RADIO, so it could have cost more. It is shipping free too. This should be my moment. The moment I've been waiting for. Recognition. Appreciation....more
elaineR.N. I sure hope so, when it's blown up! thanks so much :)more

Fly Girl in Training: The first taildragger lesson

 First surprise taildragger lesson in the Rans S-7S Courier."We're not flying the 1...more

Fly Girl in Training: Short cross country practice

 Mid-December cross country flight over Lake Berryessa in Northern California. ...more

Jacob, W1

A portrait of my husband once a week, every week for a year....more

Boulders for Christmas, aka Back 40 revamp, phase 1

 Along with boulders, dirt and compost, yours truly got these lovely coral Japanese maples for Chris...more

One Good Memory - Snow Cream

Take a Closer Look

I like to take a real, good, close-up look....more