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Which Camera To Choose This Shopping Season

[Editor's Note: Is a new camera on your holiday wish list? Nancy at Ordinary Miracles has some tips for you about how to pick a new camera. And how to help Santa figure out just which camera you picked! -Virginia] ...more

"Come Away With Me" (says Norah Jones)... Moms: TAKE A BREAK.

I've heard to never start out a piece of writing with the weather stats.  You know, like "It was a cold, December day..."  I don't know why that's a no-no, but I guess I'll stick to it even though my initial thought was to start out with how chilly its been... whatever. ...more

Vermont in the Fall

Original post and full size photos at Scarlet Words ...more

Brooklyn Bridge: 101 Things in 1001 Days

 See the original post and full size photos at Scarlet Words ...more

Brooklyn, NY

Original post and full-size photos at Scarlet Words...more

Focusing on Depth of Field

Depth of field results from the combined use of a camera's aperture and shutter settings to bring certain parts of a photograph more into focus than others. The aperture determines how wide the lens will open, and the shutter determines how long it stays open....more

Coming: Your Instagram Profile on the Web

Instagram announced that they will be rolling out Instagram profiles on the web during the next few days. Your Instagram images are no longer tied only to your mobile device. ...more
@Virginia DeBolt  @KarenLynnn I think that's a coming feature.more

Online Photography Classes, Presented by Sugar Snap Photography!

I'm a mom of 3.  I am busy.  I have little to no time to do anything but throw my hair in a pony tail and scarf down a poptart (which I totally just did).  ...more

Sunday Summary - Photo A Day November, Week 1

This month I'm participating in the November photo a day challenge. I'm sharing my photos daily on Instagram (username alphabetsalad), Twitter, and Flickr, and weekly here on Alphabet Salad. ...more

Dobermans: great photo models

Dobermans make beautiful photo models.  They stand quietly and gracefully, alert about everything that's going on around them, and yet calm and peaceful.  They are naturally beautiful dogs, and their personality makes it easy to reflect their beauty on the photographs.  Starting today, 2nd day of NaBloPoMo, I will be regularly posting photos of my 2 dogs. Only the photos that I find worth sharing: beautiful, funny, or otherwise interesting. ...more