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My turn to sleep in.

Every weekend, my husband and I each get a day to sleep in, and this weekend, Steve took J to wander around a bit in downtown Pittsburgh. This is their special thing. There's bountiful free parking, relatively empty streets, a bagel shop, fountains, and best of all, our little 2 year old gets to see lots of buses, buildings and bridges, her view unobstructed by big adult legs....more


Joe Schmelzers photography hits the spot with me today....more

Kitchen Remodel Project part 1



Ryan Edy’s philosophy is ‘to work hard and play hard’ which to me initially seemed a juxtaposition to his photography. His work is incredibly sensitive, emotional and shows maturity beyond his years....more

Empowering Words I Heard at BlogHer'13

On Healthcare: Kathleen Sebelius, US Dept. of Health and Human Services:October 1st- Open enrollment for healthcare."Being a woman is no longer  a pre-exisiting condition"...more

All those pictures...

July 29, 2013As I began preparations for documenting some remodeling projects, I realized all my photos are archived on cd's and dvd's in a box.  The photos are arranged by year and subject (for the most part) but access is tedious and a time waster....more

Henderson, Texas

Sometimes when you're in the midst of this crazy commotion we call life, all you want to do is step back in time when things were a little less hectic. Maybe a quiet stroll along the sidewalks nestled in front of historic buildings, actually shopping in quaint little stores or staring in through the windows from the street, dodging your reflection for a better view....more

How Do You Unwind?

 SADHVII am trying to keep up.   No, I take that back: I am done with trying to keep up.  At this point, I am doing the best I can....more

Yes, I Take a Lot of Pictures, and No, I'm Not Going to Stop

I'm a photo junkie. By no means a means a talented artist, I have been accused of being somewhat obsessed. I am decidedly unapologetic about this. I love my kids, and I want to hold onto this age, this moment, forever and ever. I am not forever behind the camera; I am an active participant in the lives of my boys. It's about balance, people. But I love to take a special moment in time, and freeze it to revisit over and over. I have my share of posed pics with silly smiles, but I have a plethora of albums full of candid, in the moment shots that I cherish and treasure. ...more