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Using Pinterest to Enhance Your Writing

If you're a writer, Pinterest could be the golden ticket for finding inspiration and ideas for your stories or articles. Check out the article Using Pinterest to Enhance Your Writing:   In this article, find out how to: -break writer's block -visualize characters and settings -find new writing ideas -learn about new writin...more

How to Take Better Summer Vacation Photos

I get a lot of questions about photography. Sometimes I even get asked for photography advice, which is fun because I still feel like a total newbie myself. When BlogHer asked me to write a post on photographing summery things, I thought perfect! Let's show the world what I don't know!...more
Thanks for the great tips, hopefully I can put them to use soon!more

Five Ways to Make Your Summer Photos Fabulous

I have well over 20,000 pictures on my computer (I KNOW), and if you looked at them closely, you'd notice that most of the pictures are taken during the summer months. It just kind of happens naturally that More Fun Things take place in the summer -- swimming, playgrounds, vacations, amusement parks, family picnics -- so out comes my camera. Plus, the warmer weather is just PRETTIER than winter. (I mean, sure, snow is pretty and photograph-worthy for like 5 minutes, all white and peaceful and clean. Then someone drives through it or a snow plow comes along and POOF! ...more
Sadly, I am guilty of forgetting I even have a camera, even though I paid a pretty penny for it ...more

Ten Tips: How to Break Photography Rules

We've all been there: You had a vision of the perfect photo of your kid and just when you have it all set up, they want nothing to do with you. You bribe them with candy, a trip to the ice cream store ... you threaten to take away privileges or worse. What do you get for all your efforts? A bunch of pictures of your kids looking sullen with their tongue stuck out. Or worse -- they're not in the photo at all. ...more
Great post! I'm definitely a fan of the "get low" technique :) I like to bust a move to 90's ...more

Tips With Kids: EXPLORE Your Way to Better Summer Photography

My favorite part about photography is capturing real moments in time and genuine grins. Those are the pictures I go back to again and again -- the ones that make me feel something and remember something. As summertime approaches, I can't wait to photograph my boys in our favorite season doing all of our favorite things together! My strategy for capturing our summer fun in natural, real photos is to E-X-P-L-O-R-E: ...more
Hey! these are incredible, what camera and lens did you use there?more

Bear-y nice to see you...

...except, Please Leave My Backyard. You're big and scary.Here's the bear coming down the mountain behind my house in Vallecito, Colorado....more

Ava Snow

I most recently had the honor of photographing and welcoming to our valley, Miss Ava Snow. You guys, holding her was so magical. Babies are so magical, indeed. She was just a tiny human sitting in my arms curled up like her mother, Melanie loves her, a little koala bear look-alike....more

Photography: Tips for Shooting Fast Movers

What's the most ordinary flower you can think of? In fact, what's the most ordinary weed you can think of? Dandelions, right? What's beautiful about dandelions? To a child... everything....more
Love this. This is the second time I've read it, and it's just as good. Great shots, Jenna. Wish ...more

10 Photography Mother's Day Gifts for Your Shutterbug

Life doesn't come with a pause button, but photography offers a chance to pretend it does. For just a moment, everything is frozen. The images captured can evoke memories and emotions that instantly take you back to that moment, even decades later. It's no wonder that so many moms love photography. It offers a way to keep little ones small, even as they grow up and start families of their own....more
 @KarenLynnn I have like three of them. I would hang my head in shame, but they're so useful!more