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Using Candid Photos to Document a Day in Your Life

We all have the "pretty" pictures of our kids, our families, those days we're supposed to document. They're framed, in albums, stuck on refrigerators and turned into computer screen savers. They're moments worth documenting and remembering, for sure....more
Feel weird replying to my own comment. In any case - I did it :) Harder than it seems. I think I ...more

Just Another Mommy Blogger's Shameless Self-Promotion

I paid myself for advertising. It's a win-win situation. I also discovered the coolest, free computer photo editing program, You should check it out...and then check me out,, because I'm cool and I did pay big bucks for this ad....more

10 Tips for Creating a Fab Photo Book

[Editor's Note: I’m one of those people that hoards photos. I have old computers that I can’t let go because I have yet to print all the old pictures off of them. My cell phone and iPod Touch are crammed full of quickie pictures of the kids and Instagrams. I always have the best of intentions for printing these pictures up and putting them in an album or better yet scrapbooking them, but it never seems to happen. Emily from Joyful Abode has just convinced me that the best thing for me to do with my surplus of photos is have them printed into photo books. She has even shared 10 great tips to make sure my photo books are the best they can be. I can hardly wait to get printing. - Jen]...more
I do these for vacations but still scrapbook. MyPublisher is my favorite brand.more

Photography: Kids and Sports

Summertime invites outdoor activities. In our home, it beckons the triathlon. ...more

The Basics of Bird Photography

When BlogHer asked me to participate in this project, I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to comply. The assignment was “capturing summer fun” and my mind immediately conjured up images of sailboats on the water, children playing on a beach or having fun in the pool, and I wondered how I could contribute and remain true to my style of photography....more
We had a robin's nest on our back porch for about 6 weeks. We were present the Monday morning ...more

The Scribbler et al

Oh, I love fun things! And look what I found today! For FREE! I was watching "TED Talks: Smart Laughs" on NetFlix this afternoon. One of the speakers was Ze Frank, who is a genius at comedy and software programming. He had a terrific presentation, "Ze Frank's Web Playroom"  In addition, he is wacky and comes up with the FUNNIEST stuff. If you have time to spare, or need a break when you don't, try his web site out for size....more
@Jerrilynn Just checking back in to find your warm greetings. Thanks so much. Much love to you ...more

iPhoneography: It's About the Apps

[Network blogger Megan Peters uses her iPhone to photograph most everything. And she as plenty of apps to help her do it well. Take a look at her list of useful photography apps for iPhone while you are admiring her fabulous photos. -Virginia] ...more
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!more

Photoshop Tip

 This is my first Photoshop/editing tutorial so bare with me.  If you have any questions feel free to email me and I'll help you as best as I can....more

Photography Tips for Color and Kids

I love summer! But what I love even more is taking pictures during the summer. Do you know how many pictures I take the month of January with the icky snow and freezing temps? Nada. I wrap my camera up tight and worry about the pipes freezing. Seriously, summer photography is the best! Want to love your camera this summer? Here are a few tips and tricks for capturing fabulous photos all while you bask in the fabulous sun....more