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Photo Composition: Basic Principles

[Natalie Wright at Technology for Moms has been writing some great posts with photography tips. This one is all about composition and the rule of thirds. Natalie writes,] ...more
This is really helpful-- thank you! ALways working on taking better pics for my Etsy store. more

"I'm Just Happy to Be Here"

This is the best Chris LeDoux picture I have.  In fact, it might be my all time favorite of the country crooners series.  A true Wyoming cowboy.  Wyoming cowboy true and true -- he had the most beautiful sparkle in his eyes.  I was able to get a quick run up to the pick-up truck chance to ask Chris LeDoux any question....more

The Basics of Video Blogging (Vlogging)

Donna Tetreault at Super Mommy Not has tips and examples to help you boost your blog by becoming a video blogger. ...more

Want an Alternative to Instagram?

 I love Instagram. I’ve used it for almost 2 years and this was the very first picture I took:...more

Our families downward spiral to being the next generation of Jacka$$ cast.

I have been voicing my constant worry since my three boys started talking.  What keeps me up at night?  I don't want to be that poor mother on Jacka$.  You know, Bam's mom.  The mom that they set fireworks off at night in a trash can in her bedroom, while she is sleeping.  I am worried my boys, (and me, the victim) will be the next generation of the Jacka$ cast.   ...more

Photoshop or Lightroom: A Comparison

Nancy from Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 9 has an absolutely fabulous post for you that details the pros and cons of processing and editing your photos in Photoshop vs. Lightroom. She explains, ...more
I've used Photoshop and it is a great program and many others.more

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

Here I am, minding my own business and trying to write a blog post about being a grandmother that somehow turned into a political post about health care when TW says to me, "Facebook bought Instagram for ONE BILLION DOLLARS" (in cash and shares.) My response, "That's nice." Then, my co-workers started talking about it and my response changed to, "Yippee!" Why? Because I'm a Facebook fan and while I don't use Instagram very often, I know a whole lot of people who do. ...more
Thank you Karen! @KarenLynnn more

Pinhole Photography - An Explanation and Guide

[Editor's Note: A pinhole camera is basically a very simple camera with a small hole (aperture). You can make your own pinhole camera in almost any type of enclosed space. The exposures are usually very long and the end results typically have that look of being shot through gauze. I know all this and more from reading a great post about pinhole photography on Art and Lemons. Blogger Nikki Gardner walks you through using your iPhone, DSLR or SLR camera as a pinhole camera. Tons of great information and helpful links. - Jen]...more
@BlogHer the movie "Found Memories" that played @MoMAFilm utilized pin hole photography. It was ...more

Becki's Bridal Shower

Sunday (yesterday) was my daughter's sister in laws bridal shower.  I went as a guest and grandma in charge of little boys.  My job was looking after Quinn, and I didn't find out until today that Nikki didn't get to participate in the party either, Gavin needed her....more
 @HomeRearedChef that's me too.  old tired and grumpy. (not really)  i'm glad i had kids when i ...more

Baby Love

Baby Love...more