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Wordless Wednesday: Disturbed

Had to look for a second, but then I saw the bird.  Very nice.  :)more

Creating Your Own Custom Comic Strips

[Editor's Note: Heather from Creative Family Moments came up with the perfect way to entertain a comic book obsessed kid. She gave her daughter a digital camera and told her to go nuts. Lot’s of random snapshots of the dog later the photos were unloaded onto the computer and put into a computer program called Comic Life to create the most adorable custom comic strips. So stinkin’ cute and clever! These would make great party invitations or holiday cards. - Jen]...more
I love that Sugar is the featured thumbnail:)more

Choosing a Point and Shoot Camera

[Jessica F. Hinton at Mommyhood Next Right has all the facts you need to know in your quest for the perfect point and shoot camera. And look at the beautiful photos she takes with her point and shoot camera! -Virginia] ...more
@blogher Need a digital camera for Dummies who shake. Any suggestions? BB2Umore

Quick Tips to Add Background to Photos Texture With Photoshop

[Editor's Note: Natalie from Growing Up a NJ Wife and Mom has lots of photography tips on her blog. This one shows you in a just a few quick steps how to add an interesting texture to the background of a photo. Really makes your photos pop! -Virginia ] ...more

All We Have Is All We Need...

 Photo 1 in my Daylily quote series at --Jackie...more

Gammi's Photo

Using Candid Photos to Document a Day in Your Life

We all have the "pretty" pictures of our kids, our families, those days we're supposed to document. They're framed, in albums, stuck on refrigerators and turned into computer screen savers. They're moments worth documenting and remembering, for sure....more
Feel weird replying to my own comment. In any case - I did it :) Harder than it seems. I think I ...more

Just Another Mommy Blogger's Shameless Self-Promotion

I paid myself for advertising. It's a win-win situation. I also discovered the coolest, free computer photo editing program, You should check it out...and then check me out,, because I'm cool and I did pay big bucks for this ad....more

10 Tips for Creating a Fab Photo Book

[Editor's Note: I’m one of those people that hoards photos. I have old computers that I can’t let go because I have yet to print all the old pictures off of them. My cell phone and iPod Touch are crammed full of quickie pictures of the kids and Instagrams. I always have the best of intentions for printing these pictures up and putting them in an album or better yet scrapbooking them, but it never seems to happen. Emily from Joyful Abode has just convinced me that the best thing for me to do with my surplus of photos is have them printed into photo books. She has even shared 10 great tips to make sure my photo books are the best they can be. I can hardly wait to get printing. - Jen]...more
I do these for vacations but still scrapbook. MyPublisher is my favorite brand.more

Photography: Kids and Sports

Summertime invites outdoor activities. In our home, it beckons the triathlon. ...more