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The Boudoir Bandwagon

Just last week I was chatting with one of my dear old roommates (I'll refer to her as Miss $) about our upcoming weekend plans.  I had yet to see her new apartment despite having gone our separate ways over three months ago.  Fortunately the stars aligned this past weekend, and I was free to attend a very intimate event she was hosting that Saturday at her place - a boudoir photo-shoot.  No, I wasn’t going to be in the photos.  Miss $ wanted me there for moral support... and to have a champagne drinking buddy....more

I Take Bad Christmas Photos

It's true. I take really bad holiday photos. It doesn't matter whether I use my iPhone camera or any other type of camera, they're just bad. I know exactly why this is the case -- I do everything wrong. ...more
@HomeRearedChef  lol I'm even worse at photographing food than I am at photographing people.more

Christmas Present

It is a crazy - and I mean crazy - busy week for me, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to devote to writing... but I do want to keep up with my daily blog posting as there's less than a month left until the one-year mark. I can't stop now! So, in the spirit of sticking with my self-imposed commitment (albeit in a speedily-executed way!), I present to you a photo of our newly-decorated Christmas tree. ...more

Sunday Summary - Photo A Day November, Week 5 & December, Week 1

Last month I participated in the November photo a day challenge, and am now working on the December photo a day challenge. ...more

A beach holiday

Saturday dawned cool, but sunny. It was Dec. 1, I finished with NaNoWriMo (and successfully, thankyouverymuch!) and since I had missed my photo hike last weekend, I got an early start this weekend....more

I Win!

I gave myself a real fright this year, thinking I wasn't going to make it. But with 25 hours to spare:...more

Their Relationship with the Camera is not Adversarial

If you've flown into Chicago, you might have noticed these guys....more

5 Easy (and Free!) Tips to Improve Your Photos

I was uploading some pictures the other day and I was all, "Dayum, I'm good."Okay, not really, but I do think I've grown a lot in the last few years.So now that I'm all wisdomy and stuff, I thought I would share some gems with you.You don't have to go buy a fancy new DSLR to make your photos better. There are some easy (AND FREE!) things you can do to make your pictures more appealing.TIP 1:...more
LOVE these tips!!!  one of my 2013 goals is to learn to take better photos & these are awesome ...more

November 27, 2012

My 365... Hello Tuesday.  :) After weeks of my bike sitting in the garage, I was finally able to get in a bike ride today.  Casey had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so we decided to save on gas and ride.  It is a chilly 43° degrees outside, but clear sunny skies.  It felt wonderful!  I enjoyed my afternoon with my Casey.  <3 Hope your day was great....more

November 26, 2012

My 365... We are enjoying a nice calm Monday today.  Jack had a meeting this morning to work on his resume and he found it very helpful.  Casey met with the orthodontist to check on his palate expander, and he is doing well. Today would have been my mom's 82nd birthday.  It is no surprise that mom was born so close to Thanksgiving.  She was one of those special people who everyone was always so thankful to have in their life.  Mom passed away in February of 2007.  It is hard to believe she has been gone for so long.  :*( ...more