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Cute Doesn't Even Describe This

  Happy Wednesday :)I'm sharing with you some cuteness today!Why? Because I am loving all these pinterest finds and I can't not, NOT show you duh!Hope you find as much cuteness in these darlings as I did :)...more

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Wheee... more blog posts on Birding Birds... no-one's reading it though, which is a crying shame :( I think it's quite interesting! :D I guess I'm biased! a look if you're interested in birds at all! :DxxLauraBongo Fury Rattery - - West Cork breeder of Russian Silver and related variety Fancy Rats....more

Puerto Rico by the Pool

 @KarenLynnn I am willing to bet you are right. Something you are taking is possible.more

A photography blog? Too many? How about birding...?

OK... I don't really know where I'm going with this, all I know is that I want to write about my two combined passions, photography and birdwatching. I don't know how much interest this will generate, but I do know that I know very few female birdwatchers, so I wanted to bring some of us together. I would also love to show off the wildlife that I see and manage to photograph most weeks, and I'd love people to respond with what they've seen too! :)...more

Liking an Oops!

 @Lucy's Reality OMGosh, Lucy, you are so sweet to give an invite. And believe me, if ...more

Pictures of My Feet

I didn't plan on writing about my feet today. I totally intended to write about something else. But then I saw all the lovely pictures over at the Lone Home Ranger, including a pictures of their "Spring feet" and a shout out to this post by yours truly, and I decided it would be more fun to write about my feet....more

Slowing Down (The View Through a Child's Camera)

Last week, after confessing to the world my frustrations with house cleaning and my struggle to define myself as an individual and a mother, I decided I needed to just slow down a bit. Slowing down is a constant goal of mine. I want to slow down. I don't want to constantly running from task to task. Every now and then I succeed at slowing down, I savor the little things, and have a lovely time....more

Bohemian Spring on its way...


Broody Cardinal

It is my understanding, that if  you hear the male cardinal  singing right now with that "what-a-CHEER! CHEER! CHEER" noise, they're probably broody/getting ready to nest, in other words......and they're territorial. So basically this guy is making the announcement that the immediate lands of the kingdom belong to HIM.You'll know it's a male because he's bright scarlet red like this and the female is much paler in color, kind of a brownish orangey look........more
I love gazing out at our yard and seeing the Cardinal's red spot amid all the green.   Thank ...more