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photography - phipps conservatory, pittsburgh

I bought a dslr camera back in August and started taking classes at the local community college last month. I've learned a lot but know that I have a ton more to learn too. Over the weekend our class did a "field trip" to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, which is a cool botanical garden/conservatory....more

Feelin Witchy and introducing Haus of Steen

Happy Tuesday Peoples!  I am loving the Halloween vibe today!Check out my mouthwash hahaha...more

I'll Take Pictures When I Want To

I'll Take Pictures When I Want ToA Case for Photo AddictionRecently I've been making an effort to hold back on pictures. Taking pictures, posting pictures, Instagramming pictures, filtering pictures, all of it. Although, I'm sure my Facebook friends and fans might beg to differ....more

Photo A Day Challenge - October 1-15, 2013

In addition to daily blogging with NaBloPoMo, I've also been participating in the October Photo A Day Challenge created by Fat Mum Slim. (Hey, if one commitment to daily creativity is good, two must better - right?!) ...more

Mountains From The Window View

I love to take photographs. Pictures inspire my imagination and refresh my soul. A camera allows me see with my heart, not just my eyes. I took these pictures from inside the car as we traveled on Saturday. Snapping pictures from a moving vehicle is always a challenge, but I like how the view from the lens centers my focus....more

A Happy Thanksgiving

In spite of missing my family and wishing we could spend Thanksgiving with them, this weekend has been truly lovely. Baking pumpkin pies, going pumpkin picking and out for dinner with a friend, and sharing an amazing and memorable Thanksgiving meal with friends old and new have all combined to leave me happy, satisfied, and filled with gratitude. ...more

Sew your own camera strap!

I purchased a new camera in January of this year. That thing is awesome. I have always enjoyed taking photos for my own personal use. This camera makes it even more fun. But one thing that has bothered me about it is the non-pretty black strap.  I'm also an amateur seamstress. Meaning, I have a sewing machine, but i'm not so great at using it. ...more

Be part of a fashion photography project


Sky Moods

We crested the top of the pass and I gasped. The moon shone bright above the peak of a mountain. It was a big, full moon. A harvest moon. I asked my son to slow the car. I rolled down the window and leaned out with my camera in hand, trying to capture the scene.  I snapped a couple pictures, unsatisfied with the results.“You like sky pictures, don’t you?” my daughter’s friend asked me from the back seat. We were on our way home from a softball game.“Why do you think that?” I asked....more

Autumn in an image

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Wednesday, October 9, 2013: Wordless Wednesday: show us autumn in an image. ...more
@Denise It's pretty, isn't it? I actually took this photo last autumn, but it looks like this ...more