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To selfie or not to selfie

They're supposedly related to narcissism and insecurity....more

FF - I heart photography

Today is the first day of National Photography Month (as well as Beltane), so I thought I'd do a bit of show and tell with my cameras....more

10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Memory Keeper

I am a Memory Keeper. I document our family stories through pictures and words and I LOVE it! I’ve shared ways to to record your memories. I even posted a list of 5 ways to document memories here, but what is the why? Why am I a memory keeper and why do I love it so much?...more

But first.... Lemme take a selfie!!!

      I'm not going to even acknowledge how long it has been since I wrote a blog post....more

Welcome to BlogHer University: Focus on Photography

May is National Photo Month, so we've decided to host a course on photography for BlogHer University. No matter your skill or camera, you will come away from this month having learned something and having photographed something. Everyone can benefit from a course on photography. ...more

Selfies? Yes, please!

Today's prompt is about selfies. I love taking selfies! The thing about selfies is, they've been around far longer than our modern camera phones. The world's oldest known selfie dates back to 1839. ...more
'We' aren't obsessed with taking pictures of least I'm not, nor most of the ...more

Flashback: Maternity photo shoot (and some great pose ideas)

I totally fell in love with my maternity photographs and can't thank Alicia B Photography enough for her overwhelming generosity. We had decided early on to splurge for newborn photos (promise to share soon!) should the pregnancy be successful, especially since I'm notorious, according to hubs, for my lack of camera skills (meaning I'm terrible at remembering to actually take the photos). So anyway, as I was saying......more

Zoom vs Prime Lenses for Wedding Photography

Zoom Versus Prime Lenses for Wedding PhotographyA question on lots of photographers mind's is: zoom versus prime lenses for wedding photography?...more

Newborn Photo Shoot - Mama LOVES Babies!

Mama Holli from Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! ...more

MM - Kodak moments

As my Facebook friends can attest to, I've renewed my love for photography this year. I don't ever anticipate giving up my day job (so says the unemployed, stay-at-home mother), but it's something that gives me great joy and a sense of connecting with my muse on a deeper level. Plus, I get to hang outside in the fresh air and occasional sunshine without looking like a crazy stalker chick... much.. *grin*...more