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Flowers and flutterbys in photos: Happy Spring, people!

 It's been a difficult day in a difficult series of weeks and months, but with joy and gratitude I realized a new season is upon us. My favorite season, in fact: Spring....more

Draped In The Blazing Sun: A Visual

“Have you ever tasted the infinite sky?Have you ever draped the blazing sun? ”Spotted this ‘Saadhu’ at the Nandgaon temple close to Vrindavan, during the Holi celebration. His attire seemed to follow the fashion principal of “draping” very beautifully. It was almost as if he has draped the incandescent sun around him....more

My Holy Holi At Nandgaon And Barsana

[Before I begin this post, I wish to thank my fellow-traveler, Natty Singh, for generously donating images for this blog-post. I am extremely thankful for all the four images that he has let me use here. His photography is as natty as he himself is. What I like about him is the fact that he could have easily managed an FB-page titled something like 'Natty Photography' with a decent fan following, but instead, he does it only through his personal albums on Facebook. It is refreshing to meet such under-stated people in the era of blatant advertisement.]...more

Monday Memories

It was a stressful week work-wise, but lots of excitement in our house- E is doing really well with potty training and transitioned into a big-boy bed Friday night!  I'm hoping that work isn't quite as crazy this much on my plate right now!...more

Images that Speak to Me

I have never blogged before but I do capture  images  either at home or as a nurse travelling to third world countries. Images that tweek my imagination,  whisper, scream, laugh or cry, ask for or refuse help, give thanks and take me to places I have never been before.  I have been   asked " why don't you stay home and care for people in this country?" My response has always been "we are all one, living in one world and a kind  and caring act  has a global affect" ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - March 1-14, 2014

Earlier this month I was delighted to hear that my photo for the Photo A Day Challenge prompt for March 8 – In the corner – was highlighted as one of the "Eclectic Eight" on the FMS Photo A Day Facebook Group. How fun! ...more

this is how we weekend

 well, that was fun! hope you all enjoyed yours and are ready to get after this week. happy monday and helloooooo spring!lucinda....more

3 Happy Aims for March

(This post first appeared on my blog, suheiry, etc., on 3/6/14.)    ...more