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Cute sibling photography ideas with newborn babies

For most of us, summers are a perfect time for those sibling photo sessions to take place. However, newborns don’t run on time schedules. Therefore, you will be lucky to deliver a baby during summers as it will set a perfect time to create amazing photo sessions between the newborn baby and the sibling.It’s magical to create memorable images of newborn babies with their elder sibling or siblings. It’s definitely one thing that you as a parent will cherish for the rest of your life....more

Do You Carry Two Cameras? Find the Right Camera Strap For You!

Do You Carry Two Cameras? Find the Right Camera Strap For You!Photographers far and wide are notoriously always in search of the perfect camera bag and the perfect camera strap. We're going to talk about camera bags in a future installment so today we're going to look at camera straps, and mostly camera straps for photographers that need to carry two cameras at once, such as we do when we photograph weddings....more

My Bridal Shower - ideas, photos, decor and more!

My Bridal Shower Day – Love, Friends and Family...more

Fill Flash for Outdoor Situations

Fill Flash for Outdoor SituationsKnowing when to use fill flash can save the day! Have you ever tried to photograph something in deep shade in the foreground with something brightly lit in the background...desiring proper exposure on both areas? This can be a very tricky proposition. We thought of this as a great example with a fairly easy solution using a minimal amount of equipment....more

life on the porch - tips and stuff

 Hey Homies! Let's talk about all things porch. I love it out here. This is where I live now. This porch. Eat, drink, read, and sometimes sleep, so yes, I'm a porch dweller. Dude, you can not blame me.  I'm sitting in that chair right now as I write this up....more

Fun Boston Engagement Photo Session!

Boston EngagementAudrey and Chris live and work in Boston, and we were really excited to do a Boston engagement session with them! It was a picture perfect fall day, and they graciously chauffeured us around the city once we arrived by Amtrak.Audrey is from Kennebunk, Maine, and Chris is from Scotland. Their wedding will be in Kennebunkport, Maine, August 2015, at the Nonantum Resort, one of our favorite venues in Maine!...more

Fly Girl in Training: Finding my feet in the Decathlon

 We were at 3,000 feet practicing steep turns, stalls, and slow flight, me knocking six months of rust off when I remarked about my lazy feet: "I need to get back in a taildragger soon!" The comment referred to my insufficient use of rudder in the Cessna 182....more

Professional Photographer vs Professional Wedding Photographer

Is the Professional Photographer Photographing Your Wedding a Professional Wedding Photographer?Every now and again, we hear back from a potential client about how much they love our work and really had wanted to hire us, but they received an offer from a close friend that they could not refuse. The friend, as we're told, "is a 'professional photographer', and wow(!) has offered to do our wedding photography for free!!" How could we say no? One question: are they a professional wedding photographer?...more

The color and texture of spring

 Although I'm feeling trepidation at another painful drought year, I'm relishing the color and texture of early spring in Sacramento....more

Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes

Wedding Photography Behind the ScenesWe use high horsepower cameras at the front end of our wedding photography process, and it takes some similarly high-end power at the post-processing end to make it all come together. Welcome to command central at Russell Caron Wedding Photography. This is a behind-the-scenes look at where we store, backup, and edit every photo. We thought you might enjoy seeing where we spend about another 40 hours after each wedding, backing up the wedding photography files, culling, editing, and processing every image that we take....more