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Willy Nilly Friday 5 & Naptime @ Elmwood Park

Why I Love Wordless Wednesday

Call it fluff, call it meaningless, call vacant or inane. Call it whatever you'd like, I will continue to call it Wordless Wednesday.Yes, Wordless Wednesday is sometimes used by some (lazy, not-so-creative) bloggers as a means to fill space. A meaningless post with a date attached to it; the only thing validating its existence. Some ("my blog is a business only") bloggers believe #WorldessWednesday is silly and unprofessional. They argue that it devalues your blog by taking up precious real estate. I agree to disagree....more

Mostly Unedited Week in Review - 7/23/14

With the advent of digital manipulation of photos and the rampant sharing of people's lives, often pictures and videos are only shown once they've been edited. This editing consists of filters, highlights, and touch-ups, not to mention often only sharing the highlights of our lives. With judgement and comparison being so interwoven into our social culture, the expectations of ourselves and others are often so high that simply attempting to reach them leaves us feeling even more vulnerable....more

Flying solo and loving it

 Beautiful farmland between Sacramento Executive Airport and Yolo County Airport....more

Jefferson Park After Dark

Jefferson Park                                                  N 21st St & Marshall St Richmond, VA 23223...more

Photo Friday: Solitude

My choice for today's Photo Friday prompt - Solitude - is a picture I took last December from the ferry deck as Peter and I traveled back to Victoria, BC for a reunion with my family over the holidays. ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - July 1-16, 2014

So it's now mid-month (yes, ALREADY!), which means that it's time for me to gather up and post the first batch of my July Photo A Day Challenge efforts. ...more

Warm & Cozy

Boundless Love in New York City

Great idea and positive social response when the touch is a simple way and a simple sign of friendship.  Photographer Richard Rinaldi sees the beauty of diversity, connections and closeness.  A photographer's vision.  The imagination in flight, the heart in touch with reality,  wanting to symbolize we are all connected. Some people are upset with Rinaldi's suggested closeness, and strangers kissing can do the opposite of creating sacredness of connection; it can imply that intimacy, while we all hunger for it as Rinaldi and many theologians have said, has very little value by the fact that it can be "given" to everyone. Can we kiss everyone without becoming connected? How deep do you want the connection to be?  Can you undo intimacy?  Are you ready for the level of intimacy you choose?A kiss is a different level of connectedness than a touch.  An embrace has spiritual levels.  We must remember that every touch carries a meaning to the heart.Let us see the beauty in this photo.  Let us consider that we are spiritual beings and levels of intimacy must always be carefully considered for the value and meaning.  It must be considered, because a life without both meaning and value, looses an understanding of the sacredness of intimacy.  I for one find many of his images beautiful and inspiring. Inspiration, according to early christian traditional theology, is one thing that ALWAYS leads to healing.Philosophy and art integrated--which is called theology--is a bit more clear to me when I see this CBS video; that philosophy of early christianity (pre institution) that argued that we seek to be inspired, are all called by the elusive Divine to be inspired, and the video reveals what has always had the potential to inspire humanity towards love and healing...the "right" image (i.e.  here we see  tenderness). Tenderness is a manifestation of the "etherial", normally called the Divine or Transcendence into God's warm presence. ...more