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Flying photos and fall beauty

I’m really glad I didn’t read the news until after my plane landed safely in Vegas today. Apparently a wave of in-flight weirdness is plaguing the U.S. in the wake of the Paris tragedies–flights being diverted and delayed due to strange passenger behavior and bomb threats. No, thank you....more

Portrait Photography

Practising portrait photography in a studio...

Essential Photography Equipment for Moms

My entire photo library on my phone is pictures of my baby girl. It's very convenient for me to pull out my iPhone and snap pictures of the everyday moments, but there are definitely times when I use a camera to capture high quality photos. I always use my DSLR to capture milestone photos. The photos that show my baby growing, posed pictures outside against the backdrop of autumn leaves. And I love to bring my camera out with me on family outings. The pictures come out better and they are great for enlargements and those awesome photo books you can order online....more
What do you think of the mirrorless cameras? I am attracted to their size for travel and just ...more

Wabi Sabi Wood Table Study Part I

Barb BrookbankKeeping With the TimesHello, today I have a little “wabi sabi wood table study” as well as a study of the light, and camera settings....more

Wordless Wednesday - Remembrance Day

Because there are no words to express our gratitude click here to see both photographs...more

Two Smart Ways to Write Files to Flash Drives

As a photographer, you often need to write files to flash drives. Very likely, too, you have experienced trouble writing to these drives, receiving messages that errors had occurred and the process did not complete successfully, most often because your flash drive ran out of space. Making sure ahead of time that all the files will fit the drive is a good strategy that can save time and help avoid headaches. There is more than one way to write files to flash drives, and here we will take a look at two of them....more

Using A Sit Stand Workstation

It's pretty well-accepted these days from many studies, that staying in any one position while working for any extended period of time isn't good for our health and well-being. More specifically, many of these studies cite, is the problem of prolonged sitting, such as at our computer workstations or desks. One good step in the right direction is to have a stand-up desk, or maybe even better yet, a desk that can change from one position, such as sitting, to another, such as standing, with the flip of a switch. Sit stand workstations are today becoming more mainstream....more

Fast Fast Faster

 I love how a simple picture can evoke so much that words fail to do it justice....more

Wordless Wednesday - Sanctuaries of Santa Fe New Mexico

Wordless Wednesday this week are highlights from our tour of famous Sanctuaries of Santa Fe New Mexico.If you would like to see all three click here...more

Images by L Carilo ~ Up

Sometimes I like to take pictures of stuff. This is one of my favorites......more