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Carpe diem (also the paint brush)

It's the dog's fault. He woke me up at 4 am, because he suddenly had to go. So, since I was awake and since my alarm was set for 4:38 anyway, I decided to carpe the early diem. I was out jogging and back by 5:30, with my early chores done and a sleepy house all to myself. Egad. Time to work! I decided to carpe the paint brush and do 45 minutes of staining the fence. (This is a job that never ends because the more you stain the longer the fence stretches. But I keep at it.)...more

An ode to Instagram

Oh, but this is a lovely bit of writing about a social network I use most every day but never thought about all that much. I like Instagram, too. (I live here.) A lot. But up until this chilly rainy morning I'd never stopped to wonder why. First of all, it's the one network that made me realize I love taking pictures....more

The High Line Park: Abandoned Railway Re-Purposed

One of my favorite parks to visit in the city is the High Line Park in the chic Meatpacking neighborhood, made internationally famous by Sex and the City, art galleries, couture shops, exclusive clubs and swanky restaurants. (I used the word swanky, hilarious! )...more

A magical swim

A picture I took two years ago that gives you an idea of what my swim felt like this morning.Or why I need a waterproof camera. My swim this morning was nothing short of magical....more

My third Luna moth this year

It is apparently rare to see Luna moths, even though they are considered common. I'd never seen one before in my life. But it's my third one this year! This one just crash-landed on the window right in front of my nose.  ...more

Wordless Wednesday - The Chicken Coop

Wordless Wednesday a series of three photographs onThe Chicken CoopClick here to see all three...more

Cristina Dittamo - Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring, Geese a laying - Geese just relaxing on a grassy area in the late afternoon. Cristina Dittamo - Signs of Spring by CrisDittamo...more


Way back 100 years ago, when I was taking photos with an entirely manual camera with film, every shot I took was carefully composed.  Since I was doing the focusing myself and the lens wasn't jumping around because I was too lazy to switch to manual focus, my subject matter could easily appear anywhere in the shot....more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 11 - I Feel Good

Dillon's Birthday Video...more

Wordless Wednesday - Wild Rose

Wordless Wednesday a series of three photographs Wild Rose of Saskatchewan CAClick here to see all three...more