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Monday Memories

What a crazy week with snow, ice and even an earthquake! I'm happy that the temperatures will be in the 70s this week! Praise The Lord! Can't handle the cold much longer! Needless to say, we didn't do much this week other than play in the snow. I didn't go to work at all this week and let's just say, I am way behind on blogging! Thursday was the hubs birthday but I didn't get to the store for his steak...which was ok because we ended up going to a going away party anyway (I was so grateful to get out of the house, I didn't care where I was going)! ...more

Photography for Bloggers

This week in my in my class I’m going over some basics of photography, and I thought share with my readers some basic photography tips.View Post ...more

mY CaMEra… ((wait for it))…..IT’S HERE!!!!!!

Bought myself a camera after looking online and learning about what was out there for like 2 months! I felt so guilty for spending the money. I always do. Why do we women do this to ourselves? We work hard and it's okay to spend a little money on ourself every now and then. So my new camera arrived Monday and I am so beyond excited! Like, I just can’t stand it! Been playing with it since I got home from work. Like a kid at Christmas I tell you!  I'm putting all guilty feelings for the purchase aside....more

Photo A Day Challenge - February 1-15, 2014

Once again I am really enjoying the creative spark I get from participating in the Photo A Day Challenge... but you know what? I am dying to start taking some outdoor photos already! I had a couple in mind for the February 12 prompt ("Out + About"), but it was just too darn cold to spend any sort of time outside fussing around with photos. ...more

When At Home, Knock At Big Yellow Door

I rarely write about my in-town loafing in Delhi, but since I have recently bought a DSLR camera, I decided to take it out for our (the camera’s and mine) first adventure-walk. ...more

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you! :)more

Monday Memories

This week was my birthday week, so of course it was fun! Thankful to y'all for your birthday wishes. The most fun was seeing E's excitement in wishing me a happy birthday, giving me his card and the cake of course! We had beautiful weather and lots of playing outside. I can't help to hope that the forecasted snow for this week will happen!To see the pictures, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.comXo,J...more

Friday Faves: Prints Charming Studio

Y'all, this might be the most excited I've been about a post! Prints Charming Studio is an adorable Etsy page with custom illustrations. Carrie hand draws the illustrations (based on a photograph), it's inked and then scanned into a computer. She digitally colors them and then sends them as PDFs to customers so they they can print as many as they want. Carrie also has an option for you to have her print your cards as notecards (mine are on their way!). So why am I sooo excited?...more

Project 52: Pizza (Week 6)

I am back with my weekly Project 52 photo. I really need to get out my dSLR, so that I can take some better photos. However, the photos taken with my Galaxy S III meet they key need for photos, documenting a year in my life. ...more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Apparently selfies are starting to be displayed in art galleries and art shows… so…. wanna add my best selfie to the shows?...more