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My version of Street Photography

Living, Loving, Laughing...


Hello! My name is Paula, and this is my first blog post ever! I just discovered NaBloPoMo, so I hope I'me not too late! I am currently in the research phase to start my own blog, such as finding hosting, using blogging software, etc. I hope to engage readers on such topics as travel, photography, food, fashion, DIY, growing older and more.What are your blog starting experiences? Share in the comments below!Below is one of my travel photos. Enjoy!Ciao!  Paula...more
hometownbetty Thanks!!  :-)more

How To Take Visually Interesting Photographs

The thing I love most about photography is that it challenges me. It is a hobby that is always evolving, and always teaching me new ways of looking at everyday things. ...more
Beautiful photos and great tips!  I think photography is a great way to tell a story, too and ...more

6 Hacks for Taking Great Holiday Photos

Most of us don’t have access to expensive cameras or photographic studios.So how can you capture your child’s or family portrait successfully this holiday?It’s easy to do if you follow these six super tips to take great family photos.1. Keep it simple. This includes backgrounds, subject matter, and theme....more

Finding Goodness

Living, Loving, Laughing...

Photography 101 Series| Part II: Understanding Your Camera Mode Settings

Welcome to the second installment of my newPhotography 101 Series: Mastering Your Camera Settings!...more

Photography 101 Series Part I: Understanding Exposure

Welcome to the first week of my new...more

Instagram Again Saturday - Halloween

Halloween! My second favorite holiday! Any guesses on my most favorite? Instagram from last year -...more

If You Don't Like Our Weather, Just Wait a Minute

It has been said that the state motto of Montana could be, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." I took some photos which show just how variable our weather can be - even on a mild fall day....more

Film Photography - San Antonio

The Alamo - That's what most people think of when they hear San Antonio, but did you know there are four other historic missions within about a 9 mile radius? The missions, apart from The Alamo, are part of a National Historical Park worthy of a trip. They are not only less crowded, but much more interesting in my opinion. The architecture of Mission Concepcion and Mission San Jose is quite impressive. The frescos have since faded and the stone and wood have gently decayed, but they remain well maintained....more