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"You Do You, Mom."

It was after dinner and before the sun had set behind the Santa Rosa Mountains range when I realized it was November 1st. Am I up to even giving NaBloPoMo a go, I wondered. October effort ended as soon as it began, with only one blog post the entire month. In fact, today is the first time that I've logged on to a computer since October 2nd. ...more

NaBloPoMo Otherwise Known as Madness

Little did I know when I woke up this morning, I would find myself committing to NaBloPoMo(National Blog Posting Month) on

4 Easy Steps to Synchronize Multiple Cameras Using Lightroom

4 Easy Steps to Synchronize Multiple Cameras Using LightroomMaine wedding photographers, Russell and Liz Caron of Russell Caron Wedding Photography, demonstrate how to go about synchronizing cameras in Lightroom for easier work flow.Synchronizing cameras is important when using numerous cameras that will be taking dozens, or perhaps hundreds, of images during an event....more

Stop Taking Pictures of Memories You Aren't Really Making

As fast as they excitedly walked up to drive the tractor, they were equally rushed to leave it. In that moment, it dawned on me for a repeated time: we are constantly so busy getting the best pictures for the notorious annual Facebook celebrations that we are forgetting to have the memories that drive these pictures in the first place. "Go sit on that pumpkin! Put your face in that scarecrow head hole! Hold your pumpkin and smile in the great lighting! Ok let's go home and upload these..." ...more
Thank you for reading and sharing! Im so happy you are able to really enjoy the experiences!more

Wordless Wednesday - Sunflowers

This week the wordless Wednesday feature is my favourite flowerSunflowers Click here to see at three photographs. ...more

Wordless Wednesday - Hoggs Falls

Wordless Wednesday this week we are featuring photographs taken at Hoggs Fall Flesherton Ontario CA.We hope you enjoy this post.Click here to see all four pictures...more

FF - I heart Autumn

I'm going to let another New England native do the talking for me about the beauties of Autumn."Besides the Autumn poets singA few prosaic daysA little this side of the snowAnd that side of the Haze — A few incisive Mornings —A few Ascetic Eves —Gone — Mr. Bryant’s “Golden Rod” —And Mr. Thomson’s “sheaves.” Still, is the bustle in the Brook —Sealed are the spicy valves —Mesmeric fingers softly touch...more

Wordless Wednesday - Ghost Town Church

Today four photographs are of the Catholic Church in the ghost town of Vasta Ontario CA.  What a creative way to mark a community of faith.Click here to see the photographs...more

all Pictures... in a Cemetery?

About 2 weeks ago Dustin and I took the girls up to Central City to gamble for a few hours. HA...just kidding. But there is a grave yard up there that is actually very beautiful and a couple years ago we took some pictures up there with Alivia so we decided to head back up this year and get a few of all of us. We were heading up on our own so we had to get creative with taking a "family" picture but we did manage to snap two. And keep in mind this is using a cell phone so quality could be better. ...more