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100 Words + Photo Friday: Monkeys & Movement

I've always loved monkeys. As a child I desperately wanted one as a pet, even though I was told that they were dirty and smelly and would bite. My sock monkey "Charlie" was my favourite toy, and I was devastated when he was lost in a move (though when I was a young adult my grandma gifted me with a new Charlie monkey, which is still in my possession). Though I'm not much of a collector, I do have several of the wise trio of "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys around my home. Monkeys. Huh. ...more

Nuts in May


Raindrops Keep Fallin’...

This Beautiful Life

3 Peonles           ...more

Photo Friday: Water

I think this might just be my most favourite spot in all of Windsor. The fountain is stored over the winter months, so you can always tell that summer is coming when they set it up again each year! Spring and summer weekends just don't feel complete without taking a walk in the park and feeling the spray from the Peace Fountain. ...more

Foldio Promo Code.

Foldio Promo CodeThis is NOT a sponsored post, I’ve worked with Photojojo before and she just gave me this for all of us!Take awesome photos of your food, crafts, brands and much more. This Foldio unfolds to a 10.2″ photo studio with lights. Then when you’re done, it folds up for easy storage!Photojojo has generously given me a promo code for all my blogger friends....more

diy maternity banner tutorial

we took our maternity pics this past weekend and when looking up props we could use, i stumbled across the cutest sign ever that i just had to replicate. this was a super easy project, too – only took me about 20 minutes to complete! score!source...more

3-Birthday Weekend in New Mexico: Fiesta!!!

Greetings from Santa Fe! It's been awhile. It's birthday month in my/my husband's families, so we've been busy making all the visitation stops....more

Photo A Day Challenge - May 1-15, 2014

We're now halfway through May, so I thought I'd share a mid-month installment of the photos I've posted for the May Photo A Day Challenge. ...more

The Acceptance of You - The New Dove

The Acceptance of You – The New Dove...more