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August 2012 Thrift Shop Commando Photography Challenge

Do you want a stress-free photography challenge?  Participate one day or all of the days in August, 2012.  Here is the link to my post.  I hope to see some BlogHers join in!

Hanging Lake - Colorado

My love and I stopped off at Hanging Lake on our way from Denver to Zion National Park (on the other side of Utah). One of our thoughts about breaking up long road trip drives has been to stop and do some sightseeing or hiking along the way. Sure it means the drive takes longer, but it also means we finish the trip less stiff and sore from all that sitting. ... or so we thought. Silly us....more

August 2012 Photo Challenge

Hello all of you Blogher bloggers and photographers (the two kinda seem to go hand-in-hand).  I will be hosting a photography challenge for the month of August.  Here is the challenge topic list.     ...more

Last Day in Europe: Barcelona

On disembarkation day, we checked into the Pullman in Barcelona, dealt with Michael's lost bag (it was found) and just hung out in the hotel room until dinner.  So on Saturday, we were both antsy to get out and explore the city. ...more
Loved the photos and the reminders of the beautiful city.  Can't wait to meet you in person, as ...more

Disembarkation and First Glimpse of Barcelona

Our instructions were to tag our bags with the tags they provided with the instruction sheet, and put them outside of our room before 2am.  I was a little nervous about putting the bags in the hallway, but not for the reasons you may think.  The ship was so pristine, I didn't want to be the first to put our bags out and clutter up the hallway....more
 @elaineR.N. how's your visit going?  more

The Last Day Aboard ms. Nieuw Amsterdam

We had 2 sea days while we were on this 12 day romance cruise.  Both those days Michael was in class for the morning, so those mornings I slept in, and read and drank coffee.  The last day, I pulled my suitcases out and started packing everything I wasn't going to use after tomorrow morning.   ...more
 @alienbody I hope you get to take a cruise, you will love it!!more

Out to Sea: Guess Who Won the Slot Tournament?

When the ship was at sea, the casino on the boat opened.  They held a slot tournament in Club 21 casino that we paid ten dollars to push the button as fast as we could and pray that you get the high score.  I have done another slot tournament in Vegas and it wasn't nearly as fun.  But then again, I did win the entire tournament!  500 dollars!  Woo hoo!  (i put it in my apple/camera fund envelope) ...more
 @alienbody thanks!  :)  that was fun!more

Our Last Tour in Tuscany

It was a beautiful place, but by now I was so tired and so freaking hot.  How can you have hot flashes when it's already 100 degrees out?  You swelter even in the 65 degree year round temperature of the old mansion.  ...more
 @victorias_view alright, sounds like a deal to me!  let me know when to start packing!more

Last Meal in Tuscany

After we visited Lucca, we headed to Rughi in Tuscany for lunch.  The drive was a little freaky, the roads are one way and in some places very narrow.  We arrived at  this farmhouse Tenuta Gaetano Spadaro, for lunch and a stroll around their property afterward. ...more
 @motherofnine9 all photos taken with either iPhone 4s, Nikon coolpix S1000, or nikon d800 dslr ...more

Beautiful Lucca Italy

Lucca, Lucca, Lucca.  I loved it there.  The walking pace was faster than my liking once again.  How do you get a chance to really shoot if you have to walk fast to keep up?  Anyway, Lucca was mostly flat once you got into the town, through the walls that protect the little city.     ...more
 @victorias_view no, dreaming is a good thing!  :)more