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Yes, I Take a Lot of Pictures, and No, I'm Not Going to Stop

I'm a photo junkie. By no means a means a talented artist, I have been accused of being somewhat obsessed. I am decidedly unapologetic about this. I love my kids, and I want to hold onto this age, this moment, forever and ever. I am not forever behind the camera; I am an active participant in the lives of my boys. It's about balance, people. But I love to take a special moment in time, and freeze it to revisit over and over. I have my share of posed pics with silly smiles, but I have a plethora of albums full of candid, in the moment shots that I cherish and treasure. ...more

Tomato's Day Out

  Edgar gave me his first tomato for Mother's Day.       Who doesn't love a Tomato Photoshoot??   ...more

Daylight HDR On A Hazeless Blue Day

I recently went prancing around with my camera (and the guy) again. I decided I had to take advantage of the return of the clear blue sky, lest it gets sabotaged by unexpected natural calamities again....more




  I just wanted to share the lovely views I get to see nightly. A ways away from neighbors.....but apparently I am having issues can't get my pictures downloaded. Sorry Alecia...more

Late Afternoon Sky

I have a habit of taking a lot of sunset shots. It could be that our Undisclosed location is on a coast known for its’ sunsets. The fur girls are with us for a final fling in our old stomping grounds- new ones are coming. So rather than go up in crowds to watch the sunset, we are in the back yard relaxing. There is a bit of a breeze and this way we enjoy nature in our own way. An added plus is Zush hangs with me during fireworks! Less anxiety for my girl. Enjoy the Fourth! ...more

Waiting for the bus

What's Your APPtitude? Comparing iPhone Photo Apps

Ever since I got my first iPhone my digital camera has gone unused. At first I would carry my camera along, snapping pictures and hoping I wouldn't run out of space on my SD card. I would upload the pictures to my computer and then transfer then onto disc or a flash drive to transfer to the blog, Facebook, share with family or, mostly, to linger in digital purgatory.  With my first upgrade to a smart phone it was easier to just snap pictures with my phone....more
Much thanks for this app write up!  I just left my android in the dust and upgraded to the ...more

Vacation Ideas

Travel Ideas is a common topic around this time of the year.  Many people have or will be planning their summer vacations.  Many are looking for deals on travel so that they can save money.  I would like to share with you a couple of travel ideas....more

DIY Art Work: Farmhouse Style

Homemade Art...more