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What Made Me Smile: Prints In The Snow

When it last snowed here on the day before Thanksgiving,  I was pleasantly surprised to look out on my back porch and see little bird footprints in the snow....more

Phoneography Challenge: Macro

Photo of Red Hawaiian Ginger taken after morning rain shower  - iPhone 4 This week's iphoneography challenge is Macro, and is hosted by Sally of Lens and Pen By Sally....more

Fly Girl in Training: When a simulated engine failure becomes a forced landing

 Simulated engine failure turned actual emergency,...more

Black & White Sunday: Playtime

Miniatures in a neighborhood store...more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

                 Anasazi ruins in Canyon De Chelly National Monument, Arizona ...more

A Day in Our Life


San Diego to Arizona. Day 11 of 16 - The Epic Journey, 3000 miles, the Pacific Coast :)

 We got up in the morning ready to take our epic drive across the desert, worried about how the car would cope we drove first to a jiffy lube for a coolant flush. It took about an hour so Carlos and I walked around La Mesa, the town we were staying in outside San Diego....more

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Buildings

Cathedral in Cusco, Peru...more

Holiday Traditions: The Hunt for the Perfect Tree

 For me and my family the holidays are all about traditions....more
That's one thing I really miss now that we have a fake tree -- the hunt for the perfect tree.more

Moving to Mexico...

I met my partner in February 2011 whilst we were both at University. One day, when we'd been together about three months, he said to me 'hey I'm going to back to America for three months, would you like to come?' at first I thought he was joking, we'd talked about maybe going on a holiday to Guatemala to visit his family but nothing was mentioned about America. Then he said 'I'm leaving in nine days, I'm going to book my ticket today - would you like to come?'...more