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Bear-y nice to see you...

...except, Please Leave My Backyard. You're big and scary.Here's the bear coming down the mountain behind my house in Vallecito, Colorado....more

Ava Snow

I most recently had the honor of photographing and welcoming to our valley, Miss Ava Snow. You guys, holding her was so magical. Babies are so magical, indeed. She was just a tiny human sitting in my arms curled up like her mother, Melanie loves her, a little koala bear look-alike....more

Journey into the buried town, Pompeii

My love for science, history and sociology has traverse thru the type of books that I bought for the girls when they were young. One of the example is Step Into Reading book series with a title, “Pompeii… Buried Alive!” by Edith Kunhardt. Don’t know how many times we read this book either thru story times of self reading. All I knew was a promise had been made to the girls that someday, we would visit Pompeii to witness the unbelievable history of a whole town buried alive by a sleeping giant, Mount Vesuvius,  which decided to wake up one day and erupted in 79 D.C....more
 @elaineR.N. Yes. It was such a sad event because no one had expected it. ---There was any ...more

Summer Vacation Begins in HOW Many Days? HELP!!!

I dread summer vacation as a parent. LOL   Charlie is already booked for 1 week at Scout Day ...more

May Daily Photo Challenge

Here we go, this month’s challenge.  Join in and spread the word. It sure is fun to see what you all are doing out there.Want to join the fun? Here is how:1. Starting on May 1st take a photo every day with the theme listed.  There are no rules  - interpret each theme how you wish. This should be fun and not a chore!...more

My Little Victory Garden: A Rose Named Rachel

This past week has been one of the grandest growing, cooking and discovery weeks for all good things I've had since early last October. But I'm not going to write about any of it....more

A moment of fun …

“Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.” --Eileen Caddy quotes. Liking her quote so much, I have decide to take you all with me to have some fun, a moment of fun! And we are going to California to visit its coastline. As Neil Morgan once said, “California is where you can't run any farther without getting wet.” Precisely!...more
 @HomeRearedChef That sounds so romantic, Virginia! You and your hubby. One of these days, you ...more

News of the Ridiculous-Cat Paint

Found a new app recently, a truly ridiculous one.  The kind that turns "There's an app for that" into "There's an app for that?!"  For example- Say you're flipping through your photos on your phone and you find yourself thinking "What a great picture.  Really captured the moment.  I only wish I could add a cat or two." Now you can, with the Cat Paint app. ...more

Goodies For Sale

Hey guys, I have a couple things up for sale! First is the Kelly Moore Mimi bag [yes I begged and begged for this and found a way to get it only to turn around and sell it because 1. I desperately need money and 2....more