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Beautiful Santorini, Thera Greece

Disclaimer:  Although I strive never to copy other's writing, in my quest for information to share with you about Santorini Greece, I used wiki to get factual information to share with you.  My words may be similar but they are my own!   ...more
 @HomeRearedChef I'm glad to share it with you Virginia :)more

Melisanni Lake and Cave

We met at the bus and continued on our tour to Melisanni Lake, an underground lake in a cave exposed after an earthquake.  The tour guide told us of the scientific experiment done to track the waters passage from the Ionia Sea with harmless dyes in 1963 by Austrian geomorphologists.  They looked to find the path it traveled under and through Kefalonia.  They found it headed back to sea at Sami Bay two weeks later.  ...more
 @HomeRearedChef the catacombs travelogue was just published!  this was such a cool cave with ...more

Argostoli and Kefalonia Island

It was an early excursion today.  We had room service deliver breakfast to wake us up once again.  The weather promised to be stifling hot again today so we dressed in cool clothing. We picked up water on the way to the gangway. Michael in Argostoli before boarding the tour bus....more
 @HomeRearedChef Again, THANK you my dear for coming along!  :)more

Aboard HALcruises: Fun Onboard Activities and Sights

Of course all kinds of things are to be seen and done while in port, but I also wanted to share just how amazing the ship is.If you remember that I accidentally bought 2 romance packages, one of the gifts was dinner for 2 at the Pinnacle Grill.  I think it was one of only two restaurants on board that you had to pay for food.  We made our reservation and went to dinner shortly after we left port in Corfu.  Our next stop is Argostoli, Greece, but first, our romantic dinner. ...more
 @HomeRearedChef Oh thanks so much for coming along Virginia.  :)more

Kerkira, Corfu, Greece

The second part of our day in Corfu was a treat.  After the visit to the Palace, we boarded the bus and headed to a Greek woman's villa for a home made greek lunch and a swim in her pool if you wished.  ...more
 @JourneyofLife I really want to go back too Angela, and spend more than a few hours in Corfu ...more

Sisi's Palace Achillieon in Corfu, Greece

Our excursion to Corfu on Tuesday started with an outing to Sisi's Palace, otherwise known as Achilleon.  It was hot again, the kind of hot that would (and does) keep me inside at home.  Once again I heard 40 degrees Celsius and tried to ignore the Fahrenheit temperature.  Today I brought a dry washcloth along from our stateroom.  And water.   ...more
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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Croatia ...more
It's so hot here in the midwest where I live that I totally was feeling it for you and wanting a ...more

Visiting Venice by Cruise Ship

On Saturday night, we noticed a breakfast menu on the bed, one of those things  you can hang outside of your door and they pick it up for you and bring your breakfast at the specified time.  I decided this would be the best way to wake up, and we'd get some nourishment into ourselves before hitting the shore.  Neither of us are breakfast eaters but we needed to store energy for the excursions. ...more
Wonderful account of the trip and pictures are divine to see.  I am still reading more and ...more

Wordless Wednesday: Disturbed

Had to look for a second, but then I saw the bird.  Very nice.  :)more

All We Have Is All We Need...

 Photo 1 in my Daylily quote series at --Jackie...more