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Do These Photos Make You Want to Go Here?

The topic of this post was supposed to be "What place do you want to visit based solely on beautiful photographs that you've seen?" I decided to turn it around and show you my photos of where I have been and see if they will entice you to go there as well. As a bonus, one of my photos includes a sun flare for the photo topic. Double score! These are from my last trip; my third, my husband's first....more

Surreal: Cocktails in the Bush

It was the evening of our first ever game drive, on safari in South Africa. We had flown to the Ngala Game Reserve on a small plane from Johannesburg....more

Photo: Black & White

 I find construction materials fascinating. These concrete blocks were for the a new breast cancer treatment facility....more

Photo: Bokeh

Wikipedia says Bokeh has been defined as "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light" Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. ...more

Photo: Focus

Thanks for reading! Can anybody tell me what this plant is? Let me know in the comments!Ciao! PaulaThis post first appeared on That Was Then | This Is Wow...more

Asked someone to take a picture of you lately?

I originally asked my husband to take photos of me for the White Jeans post. I found it was not any easier than setting up the camera on a tripod and taking selfies with a timer, as he didn't know what I wanted. At least when I took them myself, I could immediately take another after seeing the result....more

A Change in Perspective

Sometimes all it takes is a shift of perspective.  There is a field near my house that I've gone to before, with very happy results.  When I found myself there again, I had some trouble finding my happy spot.  The field itself is pretty, but there didn't seem to be an awful lot going on there....more

The Baughman Center at the University of Florida

While I was in school, my professor told us that the Baughman Center on UF's campus was originally going to be designed by E....more

How Often Are You In Your Photographs?

OK, I was going to do the photo post of "My Love," but my husband didn't want to pose for a picture. So, I'm doing the question instead. As previously mentioned, I am not a big selfie fan. I am not in most of my photos, as I like recording my environment, looking for something new in the everyday; a new angle/perspective to something ordinary, new lighting situation, new way of looking at something....more

Photo: Far and Filters

Trying to get caught up on NaBloPoMo posts today. I'm combining two in one with this pic to show "Far" and "Filter Me This." This glass block wall flanking one side of the sidewalk with trees on the other side seems to go on forever! Used the VSCOCam Sepia filter....more