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Broody Cardinal

It is my understanding, that if  you hear the male cardinal  singing right now with that "what-a-CHEER! CHEER! CHEER" noise, they're probably broody/getting ready to nest, in other words......and they're territorial. So basically this guy is making the announcement that the immediate lands of the kingdom belong to HIM.You'll know it's a male because he's bright scarlet red like this and the female is much paler in color, kind of a brownish orangey look........more
I love gazing out at our yard and seeing the Cardinal's red spot amid all the green.   Thank ...more

Just a few

I have a few blogs! One for Family one for Photography! Please join me at either! Here's my new Photo Blog:

just so you don't think...

...that I am going to over-edit all the photos I post on this blog: This is what greeted me yesterday afternoon, whe...more

Who can see your cell pics?

Let's keep our kids safe, Mommies.  I know this YouTube video is a bit old, but I'd never heard the information before!...more

a peek inside

  A few things you may like to know about me: I am an unashamed Christian.I believe God uses every event in your life to construct a beautiful patchwor...more

Cool Photography Products at My Zazzle Store!

I am currently creating all kinds of new products on my awesome Zazzle Store.  I recently made my first sales there and got excited and have been quite busy there.I still am writing at my blogs, but I have been procrastinating a little bit, due to Zazzle and selling on Ebay. I now have lots of new images on many products at Zazzle.  I take lots of pictures of roses, flowers, dolls, and lots of other stuff. ...more

My Lion... so it begjns...the Lions of March...wind and rain...and a busy busy sewing machine! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!...more

Move Over Instagram, Make Room for the Camera Awesome App

If you are a fan of Instagram, you'll want to check out the new iPhone app Camera Awesome, a free app from SmugMug....more
i just downloaded this last night :)  more

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo, without words capturing a moment from the week.  A simple, special, wonderful moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. ...more