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Photography Contest/Link Up! :D

Hey photog lovers of all sorts!  I am thrilled you've found yourself here!  I've been wanting to do a photo/blog link-up for awhile now.  I just recently finished teaching a basic "How to use your SLR" camera course and thought if anything, this would be a great place for the participants in that class to continue to show off their work.  :) ...more

The Sandoval's Do Santa Fe

I've had an interesting month so far! We spent a week in Albuquerque the second week of January. It's cold in the desert in the winter, especially at night time. But not as cold as Wisconsin is. During the day 40 feels like 50, it warms up so nicely. ...more
@KarenLynnn Hey! you never know! Mom might be a good leader for the Conga Line....more

Sunday Summary - Life Got Busy Edition

I mulled over some ideas, I drafted a couple of posts, I had the best of intentions... I promise! But transitioning from a blissful two-week holiday break and plenty of time to myself to the busy-ness of my regular schedule proved to be a bit of a shock to the system... ...more

365 Photo-a-Day Project

 Visit my personal blog, link below, for the full blog post.The Jack Chronicles. ...more

Get family photos done. Like, now.

This blog post can also be found at FAMILY PHOTOS What do you think about when you read those two words above? I can tell you that, for me, images of toddler fits, sweaty moms, uncooperative kids, bored husbands, denim shirts, matchy-matchy, posed families, plastered smiles, snotty noses, and horrid backdrops all in an attempt to look happy to be taking photos as family are what I used to think about. Meanwhile, everyone really wants to punch everyone else, including the photographer, in the face. ...more

Photo A Day Fun

One of the things parents always want to do more of (or at least I do) is take more photos of their family. Even if you don't have kids, taking photos help to remember fun and important times. The easiest way to get great photos is to take more photos! Is taking more photos one of your New Years resolutions? Maybe doing this will help you accomplish that. Here is my list for January photo a day! I am going to start from the 7th as I have not started yet. Tomorrow will be the day :D 7. Cozy 8. Kiss 9. Movie night 10. Blessings 11. Unexpected 12. Family time 13. Grateful 14....more

How to make your travel photos sizzle

Even though trips must come to an end, travel photos live on. Who hasn’t taken a detour down vacation memory lane before paying online bills by opening a photo folder on the desktop and clicking through the images? How many adults have childhood memories of sitting cross-legged on the living room floor of their grandparents’ home and paging through a photo album stuffed with family road trip pictures?...more

Who Doesn't Love a Good Challenge?

Happy New Year, everyone!I was tempted to ride the resolution bandwagon for a hot second, but then I remembered I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, so my first blog post of 2013 will not be about that.But I decided I still needed a challenge to kick off the year (cause, ya know, trying to run my own business and figuring out taxes isn't challenging enough).To see the rest of my post and the challenge I have set forth for myself for the year, click here...more

Kitty's Line of Thought

It's about my life, my thoughts, that i want to show you in my photography....more

How to search for BEAUTY in a Corrupt World

Sometimes in the reality of all that is going on in our lives and the world today, you just have to sit back..and take it all in. I do that whenever I feel like I have lost touch of how beautiful this world actually is, minus the corruption, violence and sadness that has invaded our daily lives. God’s creation is so simply amazing. I personally enjoy jumping into my car, turning on some great music and driving roads I drive all the time....more