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Friday August 23-13, Photos

It's been a while since I've been happy with the results of my point & shoot camera photography, so I'll share some shots that I was able to take today. I don't know what's going on in the corner of the garden but it was fly, bee, and wasp central today. Of course I'll be back bugging them tomorrow to get more pictures of these amazing creatures. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!...more
I think they're great shots!more

Have you heard of Bookshelfies?

Based on a comical new Tumblr,  Bookshelfies are simply selfies taken in front of one's bookshelf. I'm usually pretty shy with posting pictures of myself on my blog but, with a little encouragement from my friends, I took the leap this morning. ...more
@KateJoranson You must have an excellent bookshelf for this purpose :)more

Dry-Fruits Rich Milk Summer Cooler | Revisiting Food Photos Through the Lens Series - 3

“If I saw something in my viewfinder that looked familiar to me, I would do something to shake it up.” – Garry WinograndImage Credit: Deepali Jain @ Lemon in Ginger ...more

Back to School Photography Tips & Tricks

  Hi, world....more

Wherever you go there you are

I couldn't wait to hop in the car and head to Nashville to see my friends and family. I was ready to go back and visit this place filled with memories and dotted with friends. What it's sometimes hard to account for is the actual feeling of returning to a place you once lived.  When I drove by this Memphis sign, the wave of nostalgia that rolled over me was happy and bittersweet and complicated....more

A Daily Dose of Dahlia

Hi world!  I decided to just give you a Daily Dose of Dahlia.DeliciousDahlias are so sensual. Flower porn. Out of every flower out there that I will shoot, dahlias are my favorite....more
@MforMischief thanks so much :)more

Hey, Girl!

I can't do it.  I just can't leave well enough alone.Last week I posted here some of the great pictures of JJ that my friend, Lori, took.  Then I had to go and do this to them.Ryan Gossling ain't got nothin' on my kid!...more

My turn to sleep in.

Every weekend, my husband and I each get a day to sleep in, and this weekend, Steve took J to wander around a bit in downtown Pittsburgh. This is their special thing. There's bountiful free parking, relatively empty streets, a bagel shop, fountains, and best of all, our little 2 year old gets to see lots of buses, buildings and bridges, her view unobstructed by big adult legs....more


Joe Schmelzers photography hits the spot with me today....more