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NaBloPoMo Day 9 - Habit Forming

I am definitely enjoying NaBloPoMo so far, that is if enjoy is the best word. There's certainly a thrill in the challenge....more

Sun Salutation (WPC: Habit)

This week, show us something that’s a HABIT. Capture a moment both constant and fleeting. During my daily commute, I normally pull over to admire and snap pictures of the sun rising at Kumukahi in the early morning sky. My route includes places to stop and watch the sun's beams pierce through and illuminate beautiful patterns from behind cloud formations....more

Fall in the desert

A sunny afternoon at Arizona State University's...more

Day 8 - Dawn's Early Light

Don't know why, but I've always been a morning person.I love sunrises more than I do sunsets.They hold such promise...So many possibilities...You're clothed in darkness, then slowly, softlythe dawn breaks. ...more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Every day, when I get home from wherever I’ve been, I follow a few steps.  I grab the mail, walk through the front door of my house, dropping the mail on the coffee table and everything else in my hands onto the kitchen table, and I let the dog out the back gate.  Sometimes, it really throws me off because I mess myself up by coming in the side door… we truly are creatures of habits.  I tend to spin in circles when I come in the side door…....more

Wind: Weekly Photo Challenge

A moment in travel

Coming or going, I couldn't tell you. But I noticed this family standing opposite the small crowd awaiting an airport tram at Phoenix Sky Harbor today. Watching them watch the planes got me thinking....more

Day 7 - Throwback Thursday

 Over the last several weeks, I've noted thatThrowback Thursday has been happening on Facebook.Several friends have posted old photosthey have and shared them with a little b...more


I took this picture on a hike with my kids at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National park a couple of months ago.  It’s one of those great ones to go look at when I’m ready to just run away from them after an incredibly long bedtime routine....more

Apparently a picture's worth a whole lot!

I have never been big on makeup.  In fact, I haven’t really worn any at all (or owned any) since a banquet in grade 11 when I thought I should wear it to impress a boy.  It didn’t impress the boy, and at that moment, at 16 years old, I decided I didn’t care and that I was attractive enough without it.  Before that, it had been Halloween in Grade 6…. My complexion is fine, my skin is fine, I didn’t need makeup, so I haven’t bothered since Grade 11....more