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A to Z Challenge: On Bridges

 I don't know why I love bridges, but I do.Whenever we travel, I am always taking pictures of the bridges we pass... ...more
ladams900  I love the bridges in Washington D.C., but like you, I never get a good shot because ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - March 15-31, 2014

March is wrapping up... yes, already! It's been another fun and busy month of daily creativity as I participated in both the Photo A Day Challenge and NaBloPoMo... ...more

Great Mario Coloring Pages Free For Mario Fans

We all have played super Mario or Mario bros at some or the other time in our life. After all, it was exciting to play those different Super Mario versions that have been released time and time again. It was fun being with Mario and be a part of his adventures, trying to save Princess Peach and one could spend hours playing those cool Mario games that get challenging with every level. However, you sure are going to need great skills and all your speed to increase your score, or you could get trapped or even get killed by Goombas that come your way. ...more

Pink & Turquoise Wedding Mood Board

When I was planning my wedding last June, I would spend hours looking for pink and turquoise weddings. My favorite color is pink, and I decided to go bold with fuchsia pink and turquoise. The men wore gray suits with cobalt blue accents. It was a lovely combination and perfect for a summer wedding.  I've put together a mood board using photos from our wedding. This is for the bride who is planning her own pink and turquoise wedding. I hope this comes in handy on your search for inspiration....more

Monday Memories

Another busy week down! At least I've marked a lot off of my to do list! We had great weather this week, so that definitely helps! Work has been busy, so I'm beyond thankful for four day weekends and wine ;)...more

Spring Longings

{Photo from Holli Long on Instagram.}...more

Groovebook: A Groovy Little App

I'm an avid Shark Tank viewer, and a few weeks ago, there was a couple on the show tryng to get help launching their app called Groovebook. Before their segment was over on Shark Tank, I had downloaded the app and signed up....more

Flowers and flutterbys in photos: Happy Spring, people!

 It's been a difficult day in a difficult series of weeks and months, but with joy and gratitude I realized a new season is upon us. My favorite season, in fact: Spring....more

Draped In The Blazing Sun: A Visual

“Have you ever tasted the infinite sky?Have you ever draped the blazing sun? ”Spotted this ‘Saadhu’ at the Nandgaon temple close to Vrindavan, during the Holi celebration. His attire seemed to follow the fashion principal of “draping” very beautifully. It was almost as if he has draped the incandescent sun around him....more

My Holy Holi At Nandgaon And Barsana

[Before I begin this post, I wish to thank my fellow-traveler, Natty Singh, for generously donating images for this blog-post. I am extremely thankful for all the four images that he has let me use here. His photography is as natty as he himself is. What I like about him is the fact that he could have easily managed an FB-page titled something like 'Natty Photography' with a decent fan following, but instead, he does it only through his personal albums on Facebook. It is refreshing to meet such under-stated people in the era of blatant advertisement.]...more