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Old Port, Portland Maine Engagement

Having Fun in the Old Port, Portland Maine Wedding Photographers...more

Alaska: Whale Watching Cruise

First of all, HAPPY EASTER! Christ has risen and it's a glorious day! (Of course, it decided to dump 3 inches of snow on us last night for no apparent reason, but who cares.) Everything in the house is bright and colorful and flowers everywhere and good smelling candy and food and cookies and AHHHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED....more

5 Free Photos From Me To You

I take so many photos and only use so many of them that I figured I'd offer them free: just for you! I like to use these when I'm making how-to posts or just want a pretty, high quality image to decorate my post. You know what they say: never make a post without a photo! :) Without further ado - free photos for you!...more

Zoom Versus Prime Lenses for Wedding Photography

Zoom Versus Prime Lenses for Wedding PhotographyA question on lots of photographers mind's is zoom versus prime lenses for wedding photography?...more

How to Take Better Pinterest Photos with Your iPhone

Some of my favorite articles and blog posts to read on my own time are those about the “business” of blogging.  I love when people are candid with tips and techniques that worked for them– no matter what stage you’re at, it’s incredibly helpful to learn from those who are successful!  I thought I would share some of the things that I wish I had known before I got started. ...more

Maine Seaside Cottage Wedding | Maine Coast Wedding Photographers

Heather and Jon were married on a beautiful summer Tuesday, in an intimate ceremony at a family cottage in South Thomaston, Maine.  A Tuesday wedding, you're thinking?  Yes, midweek weddings are relaxed and fun, and as Maine coast wedding photographers, we love the easy going atmosphere they bring.  Heather and Jon are from Iowa, but Heather's family has had this charming, rustic cottage for many, many years.  Heather fondly recalls the summer visits she and her family would make.  The cottage in question is at the end of a grassy, unpaved road....more

Tented Wedding in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Cape Elizabeth Maine Wedding PhotographersA fairy-tale estate....more

Kennebunkport Maine engagement photography

Kennebunkport Maine engagement photographyWhen we met Ariel last year, we immediately knew how much we liked her - being one of those people who is so friendly and approachable. Ariel told us that she someday wanted us to do her wedding photography, but she wasn't engaged. Yet. Fast forward eight months, and we found out that Kevin had proposed! Two days later, Ariel contacted us. We love Kennebunkport Maine engagement photography, so to say we were excited is putting it mildly!...more

Hands on iPhone photo tips part I

I have received several comments in the last weeks asking for iPhone photo tips, so now I will make good on my promise to write a post about this. Turns out I have more to share than I initially expected, so this will extend to a couple of posts. ...more

Cute sibling photography ideas with newborn babies

For most of us, summers are a perfect time for those sibling photo sessions to take place. However, newborns don’t run on time schedules. Therefore, you will be lucky to deliver a baby during summers as it will set a perfect time to create amazing photo sessions between the newborn baby and the sibling.It’s magical to create memorable images of newborn babies with their elder sibling or siblings. It’s definitely one thing that you as a parent will cherish for the rest of your life....more