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Everyday poetry: beauty in decay


Wordless Wednesday - Harness Racing

Wordless Wednesdaya series of three photographs this week on Harness RacingClick here to see all three...more

Everyday poetry: Sunshine on schnoz

   It's a dog's life alright....more

3 Reasons Why I Love Instagram

The Atlantic had a lovely bit of writing about a social network I use most every day but never thought about all that much: Instagram. ...more
I totally agree! I really like Instagram. Its is easy to use and its fun.  It is true that is ...more

Everyday poetry: bilingual edition

Sunshine on a kid bike. In French you could say de beaux rayons sur les rayons....more

July Create - Crazy about Canvas Frames

This year has been about trying my hands at some new things. As a newbie on Pinterest, a person could truly get lost in projects for a week without coming up for air. Do you remember those days, of endless Play, of lying on someone's lawn and watching the clouds go by?Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I appreciate re-creating a commercial idea and making it ...more

Wordless Wednesday - Snow On Chairs

Wordless WednesdayA series of three photographs depictingSnow On Chairs It is hot right now and we thought cool pictures were in order.Click here to see all three ...more

When the flowers do the birds and the bees

      My flowers are desperately trying to get themselves knocked up. Shield your eyes, little children. This is full frontal (well, more like sideways, really) floral sex....more

Closing In

Getting close to a subject can have beautiful results.  With a close focus, no matter what you do with your aperture, you will have a shallow depth of field that can make the subject really pop.  It can also give you beautiful bokeh, those indistinct, fuzzy spots of light in the background....more