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The definition of magenta

Happy Saturday, all!"Where flowers bloom, so does hope" --Lady Bird Johnson xoxo,shawna...more

What nightlife means to me

My first ever safari was the ...more

FF - I heart this quote 2

I've enjoyed showcasing some of my favorite photographers during National Photography Month, and I plan to do it again next May. I can imagine how many eye-candy creators I'll be featuring, now that I have a year to plan! For my last photo post, I choose two pictures - one of Niles Beach in Gloucester, and the other of a Shagbark Hickory tree in my backyard....more

Pillow Fight NYC 2015

On the first beautiful Saturday afternoon of this month, I planned to meet with a couple of friends to go to Pillow Fight NYC 2015. , organized by New Mind Space . My friends really wanted me to go and since I was going to be in Manhattan for the Macy's Flower Show anyway I thought, "Why not?" ....more

WW - Full moon in June

As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to photograph the full moon each month. I'll update this post next week with a picture (if I'm lucky enough to get one - so far this year, the weather gods have been kind). In the meantime, the full moon from April 4, 2015 is serving as the backdrop for this graphic. ~Traci...more

5 Reasons You Should Get a Selfie Stick

Selfie Sticks are a must-have if you're a shameless selfie taker, a casual selfie taker, want to be photographed in a group, or if you travel.Many people, however,  are turned off by the thought of a selfie and can't fathom using a selfie stick. But I'm going to share with you five reasons you should get a selfie stick and my favorite selfie stick.Five Reasons You Should Get a Selfie Stick...more

Photo: Up Side Down

Henry the cat doing his Shamu impression!What have you seen up side down lately? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

Photo: Outside

View of the Bay with light breaking through the clouds onto a hamlet.What do you see outdoors? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more